Ancient City - Samut Prakan

We took a trip from Bangkok and visited Samut Prakan (this is the trip) and whilst we were here we visited Ancient City.

"The Ancient City is the door opening to the heritage of Thai wisdom. With a wide range of architectural symbols combined with fine arts and craftsmanship, structural layout and natural environment that integrate harmoniously, The Ancient City creates kind of atmosphere that induces visitors to perceive and appreciate the continuity of history, cultures, religions, arts and customs of Thai people from dawn until now."

We visited Ancient Siam and it was certainly necessary to have a map to show what there was and what we could visit.

Their website has a lot of information on it - but I liked the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Well the map tells you it all and after visiting and now writing about Ancient Siam I would have to use the map to label the things that we saw.

We drove around the area in our car and there is also the possibility of taking an open bus. Here is how it is organized.

 "To collect cultural and art work of Thailand to be a learning source, , the Ancient City emphasizes on the distinguished and unique pieces of art from different periods, the representatives of folk cultural cultivation. Some periods were overlapping in time as the rise of one community could take place anytime without the decline of the existing one. Hence, it is found that each community developed its civilization within the similar time frame, but its peak was different depending on who was the strongest and most flourishing at a particular time. The most outstanding at the period could manifest its superior prosperity before others, yet as the leading kingdom began to recline, the rising one would replace the former at once with its own manifestation. The periods accumulated here are arranged in order of their distinct revelation, ranging from pre-historic era, Dvaravati, Srivichai, Lopburi, Lanna, Lan Chang, Sukhothai, U-tong, Ayuthaya, Thonburi and Rattanakosin."

Dvaravati (11th - 16th BE)
Srivichaya (13th - 18th BE)
Khmer or Ancient Khmer (16th-18th BE)
Lanna (16th-25th BE)
Lan Chang (16th-21th BE)
Hariphunchai (17th 19th BE)
Sukhothai (17th-20th BE)
Authong (17th-20th BE)
Ayutthaya (19th-24th BE)
Thonburi (24th BE)
Rattanakosin (25th BE)

There was the opportunity to listen to what everything we saw was but I was not organized enough to do it - but if I was and had specific things to visit then I would give it a trial.

Thinking about this I would like to write a 'Teachers guide' for the Ancient City and then take some of my class / school?

Phone Number: 02 709 1644/8
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 296/1 Sukumvit Road, Bangpoo, Samut Prakan 102800
Hours: 9am - 7pm


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