Phuket Old Town Festival

I nearly went for a ride in the klongs but wasn't that sure.  For more photographs please visit the Cape Panwa Hotel blog.

What I must visit again is Soi Rommanee...

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Makha Bucha Day - 18th February

We did visit a temple for this special festival - "the date varies depending on the lunar cycle. 
Makha Bucha commemorates the unique event when 1,250 of the Lord Buddha’s disciples spontaneously gathered to hear him preach.
In the morning many Thai people were up early to make merit by giving alms to monks (tam-bun). 
This evening, many temples have been busy with people listening to sermons and performing the candle ceremony known as wian tian (wian=circle; tian=candle) Holding flowers, incense and a lighted candle, Buddhists walk clockwise around the main bot of the temple. This is done three times."
It is also referred to as the Buddhist Day of Love.
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Corruption in National Parks - NOT a new story

Seven marine national parks for which Phuket is a major gateway for tourists will be investigated for alleged corruption in the collection of admission fees.

Full Story

I have written about this previously (on this blog) concerning my visits to the National Park Khao Phra Thaeo - what is the difference?

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Worship 9 Chinese Shrines in Phuket

As part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) organised a special day where we were taken around Phuket to visit the Chinese Shrines.

1) Phud Jor shrine  

2) Jui Tui Shrine 
Worship here to attain sound health and longevity  

3) Sang Tham Shrine  

4) Sum Sae Su Hud Shrine  

5) Jang Ong Shrine  

6) Lim Hu Tai Su Shrine  

7) Kathu Shrine  

8) Bang Neow Shrine
Worship here to attain success in business and prosperity 

9) Kiew Tian Keng Shrine  

A wonderful experience and one that I would repeat.

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Vichit min-marathon / fun run

It was a very early start for me this morning - up at 5:15 am and ready to run at 6 a.m.

This was the Vichit Fun - I have to admit I was a little worried when I left because it was so dark BUT the temple was busy with people waiting AND so many children.

I started off quite easily and found it quite entertaining but could not keep up with some of the children who were also on the Fun Run.  I ran quicker than in the previous Fun Run and it was easier but NO i could not say that it was enjoyable...

It was very generous of the organisers to give all participants a medal - see you again.

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Sunbathing topless is illegal BUT...

Sunbathing topless on the beaches in Phuket is illegal but a lot of visitors feel the need to do this.  Is there any department who are supposed to reinforce this rule?

I imagine that there would be a plethora of volunteers to take photographic evidence and more...

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On the way to work I recognized a change in the collection of rubber from the trees.

Is this modernization / progress?

I know what I would rather see.

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Phuket News ++: January 2011


Local people upset with the Russian Mafia coming to Phuket - will Phuket look towards Pattaya OR do some people want the money more?

With this investment it is a shame that the Tuna steak is still so expensive in the shops.

Not sure about visiting Surin Beach - a beach seller is beaten up!

The one way system is changed in Patong and I still do not understand it and on some of the roads you drive on the 'wrong' side of the road...

Bleached Coral is a problem for a number of Dive Sites... again.

Fake Cops demand money from shop keepers in Patong - does that mean that the cops normally shakedown the shop keepers are not false?

Demand for the Phuket Mob souvenirs is choas - why has someone not made any copies of them then?

A Swede dies in a tower in Patong - alone - and there is no risky business because the police did not find anything - reading the text attached - did they look?  Then there are two more 'natural' deaths?

The police warned bars that there would be a clamp down on the opening times of bars - but some did not listen ? - and were fined.

2 people were killed by the surf in Karon - and there were red flags - in the Dry season?

Sapan Hin is for Thai people - wonderful - i hope that the proposed development does not spoil it

A Thai bride takes all the cash from a 'farang' husband and keeps her lover - this is a not new BUT the farang's friends are trying to retain the money - watch this space.

A sad story which made the headlines in the UK - Thai Bride met on the Internet is 'cancelled' - a different story.

Thai school uniforms are sexy - now i know why I was a good teacher?!?

Some discussions are closed - but no pictures

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Chinese New Year come to Phuket

The entertainment doesn't stop here in Phuket.

After putting my feet down after Christmas and New Year my feet are suddenly wrenched up by the oncoming Chinese New Year celebrations...

The festival will take place on the streets of Old Phuket Town and Queen Sirikit Park from February 8 to 10 and will feature day and night activities.

From 7pm to 10pm daily, performers from Suining City, China, will entertain visitors on the “walking streets” of Thalang and Phang Nga roads along with local food and products, “walking performances”, exhibitions, local games and much more.

An image of the Chinese goddess Guan Yin will be temporarily enshrined in Queen Sirikit Park during the festival. Also enshrined will be items representing the goddess provided by Guangde Temple in Suining City, Sechuan Province – Guan Yin’s hometown.

Local people will be able to pay homage to the image and offer items to welcome good luck for the coming year.

Other activities to pay respect to the Chinese goddess will be in the form of a “pilgrim tour” on a local bus (songtaew). From 9am to 5pm daily during the festival, a 99-baht tour will take pilgrims to nine famous shrines in Phuket Town to pay respect to Guan Yin. Those wishing to take part in the tour can contact the Phuket TAT at 076-212213. 

I might take a ride on the bus...

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