Banning smoking on beaches in Thailand

 Did you know, the number one source of litter on beaches in Thailand are cigarette butts? 

This is one of the reasons that smoking is being banned from Thursday 1st of February...

Do you think that it will work?

Harry Potter is in Bangkok

Hello Hogsmeade! Harry Potter's Wizarding World comes to Bangkok at the Siam Paragon. We had to make a visit - we have read all the books and seen the films more than once!

We arrived as Siam Paragon was opening and we went immediately to the first floor - there was more Harry Potter outside when we visited at Christmas so there was only approximately 10 people in front of us.

We entered after circling once and a photograph taken of us dressed up in wizarding attire.

We saw some displays which made us smile, noticing that there was from 'Fantastic Beasts' there as well. We quickly recognised that it was a small round area with things linked to Harry Potter for sale.

Then we were ushered into a small room where we were heard a short story about the wands being missing and we had to wish to find it and when we did it snowed on us.

In short if you like Harry Potter than make a short trip here.


Using your telephone

How many people do you see using their phone whilst walking or something else?

Here's a video of some of them...

Raining in Bangkok

So it's raining today!

And don't we know it - in 30minutes the closest part of Wireless Road is flooded and it's not just rainwater - my nose told me...

Not sure that I am getting any coffee today...

Thailand Tourism Festival 2018

This was a Festival that I knew very little about until I heard about it from a colleague and found out further information from Richard Barrow - thank you (again).

The 38th Thailand Tourism Festival will be held from 17 to 21 January 2018 at Lumpini Park in Bangkok, showcasing amazing attractions and fascinating culture from all corners of the Kingdom.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) invites local and international tourists to discover the Kingdom’s amazing attractions at the Thailand Tourism Festival 2018 (TTF 2018), to be held in Bangkok’s Lumpini Park from 17 to 21 January. - courtesy of Sabai Thailand Magazine.

Lumpini park was near the office so I visited early in the morning last week and it was busy with people on an early morning stroll / exercise and it was really quite serene. Today it was something completely different!

I needed a map to get round all of this and I still don't think that I did!

Zone 1: Follow in the King's Footsteps - art of science of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Zone 2: Domestic Travel Products and information

Zone 3: Discover Thainess in 5 regions

- Northern Village with King Bhumiblol Adulyadej's 'Sufficiency Economy Philosophy', information about local hill tribes and Noi Tung Coffee Shops (I loved it here)

- North Eastern Village sharing with us a refreshed image

- Central Village with a temple fair, traditional Thai house and Thai handicraft workshops

- Southern Thai Village with beaches, local communities, preservation of old towns and a blossoming food culture

The Eastern Village with a 'Shades of Eastern Theme'

The cultural processions begins at 5pm each day - but music is played all day in each region - it certainly was fun trying to get round them all...

Zone 4: Unique Culinary Delights Zone - offering food from Bangkok's 50 districts and Thailand's 5 regions, cooking demonstrations and much more to taste. There was certainly a lot of food but I got lost so I could not get back to where I wanted to...

Zone 5: Main stage Zone - where the opening ceremony was and performances - was not used when I was there.

Zone 6: TAT studio - sharing with us the work by the TAT

Zone 7: Outdoor Fest Zone - adventure tourism - there wasn't a zip line but a lot more and food!

Zone 8: TAT Lab - products and activities for seniors 

Zone 9: CSR -'Trash to Treasure' - to raise ecological awareness, happy to see the company I bought my food from used a biodegradable box - not regular in Thailand yet.

Zone 10: Pracharath Zone - collaboration with companies and there were a lot of them but the dinosaurs around here were most popular with the kids!

So come hungry and there's a lot to eat and drink and come late if you want to see the shows.


Mariamman Temple - place to go in Bangkok

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is also known as Maha Uma Devi Temple in Silom. This was a wonderful place tucked into the corner.

It is a Hindu Temple which was (I read) built by Hindu's who no longer wanted to live in India under colonial government so they left.

There are many reasons but this is a place that you really must visit.

However you must be aware that visiting here for the opportunity to take photographs is not permitted

Despite this the Hindu temple is worth visiting for the wonder the I felt when I walked in.

Remembering to buy my offering outside first of course though.

Here is a site with some photographs inside.

For more ideas of where to visit in Bangkok visit this site 

Traditional Thai Street Foods

This is the Street Food from the Traditional Hawkers on the side of the road.

Poster is from Amazing Thailand.

January - You know you have lived in Thailand when...

Do not get angry in Thailand - this gentleman did recently (his girlfriend left him) and he demolished tree....

Well I have been guilty at falling into this trap because you have lost the conversation if you feel the need to express yourself. Getting angry in Thailand is something that I still have difficulty with but I have slowly got better - with occasional hiccups....

I have become aware of things which are now normal to me because I live here – and subsequently a Facebook site about this “You Know You've Lived In Thailand when.....” –    

so once a month I will contribute to this.
Original article from Richard Barrow - 

Eat Sight Story Deck - restaurant in Bangkok

ESS Eat Sight Story แขวง พระบรมมหาราชวัง กรุงเทพมหานคร ประเทศไทย is a restaurant which we were taken to after a visit to the Grand Palace.  

We dined next to the Chao Phyra river and we had a great night view of Wat Arun.  

This meant that I watched the river boats and it was really quite busy. So much so that I had not read the menu and it was a bit dark - but they had Christmas lights on the tables.

We had a selection of Thai dishes which were really quite good and we ordered more. The service was very good and we were certainly looked after.

Then we had desserts and it continued.

It was a most wonderful view and if you really want to take photographs of the adjacent Wat Arun it would be advisable to arrive earlier of take camera equipment. It is certainly a place to take someone if you want to show them something special.

For more restaurants that I visited please click here 

Phone Number: 02 622 2163
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Soi Ta-tein Phraborummaharajchawang, Chao Phyra river 
Hours: 11am - midnight

Visitors to Thailand

  1. China – 9.92 Million (+13.23%)
  2. Malaysia – 3.30 Million (-5.5%)
  3. Korea – 1.71 Million (+16.49%)
  4. Laos – 1.61 Million (+16.17%)
  5. Japan – 1.57 Million (+9.08%)
  6. India – 1.41 Million (+18.11%)
  7. Russia – 1.34 Million (+22.95%)
  8. USA – 1.06 Million (+8.35%)
  9. Singapore – 1.01 Million (+4.73%)
  10. UK – 1.01 Million (+0.08%)
This many people arrived 

  1. China – 531 Billion Baht (+17.14%)
  2. Russia – 105 Billion Baht (+28.27%)
  3. Malaysia – 86 Billion Baht (-3.14%)
  4. USA – 78 Billion Baht (+11.75%)
  5. UK – 77 Billion Baht (+2.48%)
  6. Korea – 76 Billion Baht (+19.24%)
  7. Japan – 69 Billion Baht (+11.68%)
  8. Australia – 65 Billion Baht (+4.55%)
  9. India – 62 Billion Baht (+23.01%)
  10. Germany – 57 Billion Baht (+5.42%)
 this much money was spent.

So what's the average expenditure per visitor?

Original article courtesy of Richard Barrow -

Golden Mount Coffee - cafe in Bangkok

On walking up the hill to Wat Saket I was pleasantly surprised to come across this little oasis for this who like a cup of coffee - especially with the tall hill to climb if you are intending on visiting Wat Saket.

The coffee shop is not big and you might find it busy - as it got busy whilst I was there.

The cappuccino that I had was strong, I did not need to add sugar and I would visit there again.

Phone Number: 090 364 6463
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 344 ถนน บริพัตร Khwaeng Ban Bat - Wat Saket Hill
Hours: 9:30am - 6pm  

More reviews about restaurants and coffee in Bangkok can be found here - https://timinphuket-restaurants.blogspot