Absolute homes in Phuket - part 2

I don't think the Buddha wants anything to do with Absolute
A previous blog questioned the link between Big Buddha and Absolute homes.

Then I am sent a link from a reader about the Absolute Homes Scam. I visited Big Buddha recently and 'low and behold' the Absolute Homes stall is now closed (not the photo above).

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A photowalk of Phuket Town

I found about this  Photowalk from Jamie's blog about Phuket and subsequently John Gray in Phuket ........... Phuket is a small place sometimes or is it technology?

The walk is actually one of a number of  Worldwide Photowalks. There was a number of guests and it was very interesting to walk around Phuket Town without having to think about a number of other things - apart from my camera settings.

I took over one hundred photographs and I think the 2 above are the best.

The most exciting discovery that i made was a little street between Thalang Road and Debuk Road opposite Wat Puttamongkorn - Soi Rommanee - wonderful.

I have collated all of my photographs in the photobucket link below and have tried to craft a video with 4 pieces of video - I chose the wrong settings - guess I need to go again.....

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Buddhist Lent Day 27th July

As the rains descend, or have been descending for the past 24 hours, this is the time that the Buddhist monk retreats to the temple - NO to you cynics out there, not to avoid the rain - for a period of spiritual renewal.  It is a time of study and meditation and the monks do not leave the temple grounds for a period of 3 months.  I read that this was done to prevent the monks from trampling upon the growing rice when they visit the villagers.

One particular province in Thailand called Saraburi has a great many activities which are unique to this province and is referred to as the Tak Bat Dok Mai.

Information and photos from Thai Buddhist.com
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Phuket News ++: July 2010

A number of local people in Sapan Hin decide that they had waited too long for the government to agree that a road (already built) could be completed.  The problem was that part of it was through a mangrove swamp and the Environment Minister indicates that a flyover must be built over the protected swamp......

Not for the same reasons but there is an unfinished road at the back of the park that I go to Jemma with - not completed because of no money - now I understand why it was strange road that went no where - watch this space

Did not take part in the Laguna Marathon - next time.

Maybe I should support Phuket FC..... when are they playing Trang?

Tsunami sculpture 'not stolen' but being repaired.

Are you a farang married to a Thai lady?
In 2009 there were 24 divorces of a mixed marriage out of 36 cases - hard to believe BUT i only read the newspaper.

A tour guide looking after 11 guests did a runner with all of their money - returned it to them and not charged.

Who falls for this?
The money that you see is dyed and is waiting to be destroyed. We have a chemical (expensive) which can remove this dye and we can make a lot of money BUT we need some hard cash, some more ....... don't tell anyone...

Sustainable tourism means what?
Ecotourism is something different - are there any normal tourists in Phuket now?
Medical tourism is next...............

Dengue fever is on the rise in Phuket. (213 so far).

A curb on the building - not a bad idea?

I visited the Kathu festival but I did not see the Opium display - maybe I left too early?

Toilets at Suvarnabhumi International Airport are getting a 'make over' to 'make the top 10 rankings of the World's Best airports - is that the only thing they need to change'?

Two kids go on a Mountain Trek in order to raise money for Soi Dog - i am impressed, good luck.

Apparently there are 208,183 motorbikes (registered?) in Phuket.  As of July the 1st riders and passengers MUST wear a helmet or be fined - the Phuket Police gave away 800 helmets to the motorbike taxi drivers - is this helmet for their passenger to wear?

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Asarnha Bucha Day 26th July

Asarna Bucha day celebrates the Buddha's first sermon to his first 5 disciples after attaining Enlightenment more than 25,000 years ago.

There are candlelit processions in all Buddhist temples.

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More wires 2 disappear.......

In a previous blog I indicated the surprise that the mess of overhead wires were removed from a part of Phuket Town but did not feel that much more would be done - 
I am wrong.

Phase II starts in August - The Nation.

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