Off to work on my bike

Okay so we know that I do not take golf seriously but i do take my cycling to work seriously.  If I did not I would be 'bigger' than I already am and then how can i eat all the cakes and ice creams at work if I did?

Not withstanding rain, lateness, parents here and general laziness I do rather well.

But last week WAS a disaster - the tyre started to deflate quickly

I was rescued by RAM - one of the Pastry Chefs at the Cape Panwa Hotel.  He stopped his motorbike and gave me (and my bike) a lift to work on the bike.

I would like to have had a camera for that! So I have added a picture of one Chef Phudon's new cakes - more for me to test :-(

UPDATE - fixed Cycle KV in Phuket Town near Jammin  - 076 256 164


We welcome all to Phuket Thailand

The FCO advice tells you not to come but there are people coming - come and see me for a coffee and a piece of cake.

As I have found out and become more and more cynical as I get older - the world revolves around money and avoidance of responsibility.

I will live in my little paradise in Phuket and not ask for more than I have got.


Do not come to Thailand!?

 Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice

We advise against all but essential travel to the city of Bangkok, in light of ongoing political demonstrations and outbreaks of violence within the city. This advice does not apply to passengers transiting Bangkok airport on their way to other destinations by air or by road in Thailand or internationally. 

UK tourists were traveling through Bangkok but they have been warned.

Where do we turn for a saviour?


The situation does not seem to be getting much better - the 'action' by the 'red shirts' (who are now wearing different colours) is escalating.

Abhisit seems to be standing firm - Thaksin is telling us that even if he (Thaksin) was dead the red shirts would be fighting for Democracy...........

The reds are going to be sued over the closure of the Skytrain - watch this space.

The King seems to be awfully quiet at the moment and even the news coverage seems to be dropping - nothing on the BBC today (15:00)


Havoc and more chaos for tourists and residents alike

What can I add which cannot be seen in these pictures?
Chaos in Bangkok - people are now being killed - Bangkok Post link
Then I read that guests in this country cannot leave because of the lava over Europe. And the FCO advice for UK residents stuck in the country.
"If you have run out of money
Ask a relative or friend to transfer money via a commercial money transfer service
The British Embassy can advise you how to do this."
Aid was not offered to many of our guests and they are being told that they would be with us for 3 weeks - with zero support OR fly to Malaysia with telephone support with no guarantee of a forward flight.  The question on everybody's lips is why is there no contingency plan regarding a mass delay of flights...............


Para-motoring in Phuket?

On my way to work on a quiet Sunday morning and two para-motors are above me and swing over Ao Makham - should I try para-motoring in Phuket?   
Then I found another sport - paragliding - no motor involved.

Bangkok Red shirts run amok, pink shirts protest and naked farangs

Well this morning (Wednesday 7th April) and Primeminister Abhisit has been 'double bluffed' by the Red Shirts.  The red shirts now occupy key positions in the Bangkok area.

What is the next move?  Watch this space? 

Below is the red shirts in Phuket.

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Did you read about the naked farangs in Bangkok protesting about this?