Phuket News July 2011

The dead body of missing Aussie tourist is found - how did she die?
What does a red flag mean?

Thaksin case reviewed... why were they wrong?

The worlds largest floating bookshop comes to Phuket.

'Boy' does not contact his mother and a request is made through the Phuket Gazette for him to contact his mother - he does BUT he will not tell us why he did not - this is his prerogative - did you tell you mother everything - NO, i though not - shhhh i didn't.

The death of Mr De Jong from the Secret Cove was a shock BUT there is now a Korean in custody.

Yingluck promises the minimum wage will start in Phuket
Watch this space...

picture from the Phuket Gazette
How does a car 'wrap itself' around a pole'?
Accident happened at 5am - death and hospital.
Alcohol is not a factor.

Mystery death likely to be suicide
However, a Phuket Gazette news reporter at the scene soon after the recovery of the body stood by the initial report. There were extensive bloodstains on the wall, trauma to the skull and a pillow covered the face of the body, the reporter said.If the late Ms Chamaiporn had taken her own life she must have done so in a very unusual fashion, the reporter said. 

Speculation - a Danish man dies...

An American dies - possible murder - is this business getting busy?

A policeman kills his wife and then commits suicide - jealous.

A temple shoot out - brings security concerns in Phuket, but I find strange is that the person who was shot had people with them who - "His assistants returned fire, sparking a shootout that left 11 wounded, including five-year-old Pornicha Thammasangwan, who died on her way to hospital."
Then the Phuket Gazette indicate that land deals are a recipe for a shoot out - maybe it's a good idea that the 'farang' does not own land?

25 tons of Fake Goods were burnt - 
No wonder I could not buy any DVDs last week but sshhh - there is a place that I know...

picture from the Phuket Gazette
Then I read that the pirate sellers of Kata and Katong are complaining that they are the areas where their businesses are 'picked on' by the police - please choose another place to raid and where is the warning letter?

Boulders from a construction site up the hill roll down - this cannot be the only time.

Cherry Clean skin hears God telling her to turn herself in to the police and confess to her crimes
is that all? - What will the fine be? NOT Buddah though - so she will be 'tainted' by the foreigner' and let off likely?

90% of the land controlled by the foreigner - how?

Crackdown on illegal Russian and Korean tour agents 
- does this mean that some are legal?

The complaint alleges that members of the Patong Police, some on plainclothes duty, are trafficking women from Burma, Cambodia and Laos to work in the local sex trade.
 The complaint alleges that the racket is being carried out in the “That’s Siam” section in the basement of the upscale Jungceylon shopping plaza.

What is the complaint - that Jungceylon is being used or that the police are involved?

The International Meditation Center at Tah Chat Chai which had the foundation stone laid on March 2nd but now the site is inappropriate because of transport inconveniences - weren't the transport inconveniences there previously?

Possible murder of a tourist in Patong

The US nationals enrol in STEP (Smart Traveler Enrolment Program) - would you?
1984, big brother, tracking...

Lee Aldhouse extradition is possible - waiting for the UK Home Secretary -
and he is guilty, the issue is the terms of the jail.

Nobody allowed to ride in a sidecar - Good Luck.

The story continues - Tattooists in Phuket - the idea was about the inappropriate place to put a tattoo is now about health and safety....

Chelsea fan takes a dive - copied from the players?
Which reminds me - are Liverpool coming?

More football (from Bangkok Post) - Larissa Riquelme (a Paraguay model) tells us that she will go naked if the national side win Copa America - so why do I write this here? 
Because her breasts (and telephone) adorned the front cover of the Bangkok Post Sports Section on Sunday.
1) will Phuket FC win if a Thailand Miss World strips?  
2) I would also like to know whether her telephone company also sponsor her?
3) Comments are closed on the above due to legal reasons?
but then I read

The 24-year-old is not the first person to promise to streak in the event of a World Cup win.
Earlier, Argentina coach Diego Maradona had issued a similar guarantee. (ANI)

Thailand is a wonderful place to live - but not if you have an Education Visa but don't go to school - a bit like in the UK and get unemployment benefit but don't attempt to get a job - maybe it is a loophole which should be closed? But I am sure there are more!

Landslide warning on the West Coast.
The west coast of Phuket province, known as a tourist paradise, is at risk from landslides due to land-use change and forestry, the Mineral Resources Department revealed yesterday. Kata, Karon, Patong, Kamala and Sai Khao beaches are on alert for landslides during the rainy season.

A person with a Bachelor Degree who majored in Business English and has received certificates from New York and California is on their page in a bikini?

A German TV show (We save your holiday) which travels the world to destinations where German tourists have become ill or found themselves in trouble and they look at the bacteria in the sea on Kata Beach - no other German problems?

I am looking forward to the next time they come back with different problems.

Klong Mu-Dong Canoe Race

It was the local canoe race around the corner from my house in Borae – Klong Mu-Dong, the canal next to the market and near to the monkey ‘hang-out’.

The rain did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the children who had gathered early and clearly practised their dance routines and what they were going to eat – and there was a lot to eat!

There were a great number of people going to race in a canoe and they started with the children – which clearly excited the crowd who all chanted a little bit louder.

This was not an event that was to find a hero and this was clear from the beginning.  It was clearly fun for the children and taking part was the key but I think that the way to pick up the young men by being stranded in their canoe was pushing it a little.

The environment was wonderful – than Jemma and I found the balloons, 
the sprite, the monkeys and then the candy-floss – 
a wonderful experience.

click for a map

Thailand and corruption Part II

Following the previous blog regarding corruption. I read the letters page (23rd July) in the Bangkok Post regarding the statement that the Chamber of Commerce estimated that 30% of the cost of a project for the Government was ‘Tea Money’ – the letter was titled – “the man in the street is equally corrupt”.

On the same page there was a letter entitled – “corruption shows how bad Thai education is” – a survey indicated that “65% indicated that approved corruption in government".

Then I read that "Corruption does not pay".

Thailand is not the same as the West – our values are very different – is there any wonder why so many people escape the West to live in Thailand? 

In Thailand we then read that "Corruption is a way of life".

No wonder Thai peoples values are not our values – WHO are we to indicate that their values are wrong? – WHO are we to say it is a corrupt system of Government  – we have an opinion and it is only an opinion…


People like to complain that they have to pay more or pay monies to the right person and Thai people do not know how to drive… – if you want to live in Thailand then you MUST follow the rules, you are after all only a guest.  If they do not like Thailand then they can always return to the country that issued them their passport.

Would they?

I certainly would not.

Thailand and corruption

Living in Thailand you do get the feeling that it is not the most 'transparent' place on Earth but I was surprised it was only seventy eight out of one hundred and seventy eight.

There is a forum here on and click here for the full report

But this was in October 2010 - some things do happen quickly here in Thailand.

Thailand is a hub for animal smuggling

photo from Bangkok Post
The latest news regarding this was the snakes on a plane - an Iranian Man has been detained after 50+ snakes were allegedly found in socks in his suitcase - but the Iranian man declares that he bought them legally at Chatuchak Market (I knew there were strange things there but I have never seen snakes).

Then I read in the Bangkok Post
Thailand remains a hub for illegal exports of protected animals, as smugglers develop smarter methods 
to avoid detection by authorities, and wildlife officials say the law acts fails to act as a tough enough deterrent

Not sure that snakes in socks is 'intelligent' but...

I was not aware that the Pangolin is a species which is most at risk by the smuggling because of their meat is a delicacy and their scales are an ingredient in Chinese Traditional Medicine.
Customs officials at Hat Yai airport in 2009 confiscated as many as 
1,134 water monitors and 169 pangolins on one flight.
I was not aware that this was such an enormous problem in Thailand - I will liaise with my friend John Gray (an ardent environmentalist) for his personal opinion and post it 
on his personal blog.

BUT the next time I see someone struggle with their bag at Suvarnabhumi I
 am not going to help - especially if socks are falling out of a bag!

UPDATE (21/7/11) - Thai people caught smuggling

Aonamboor School Fair

After the Kathu Festival on Friday I had thought that my desire to visit another fair the next day would have waned - I was wrong.

Jemma quickly warmed up to the chaos of children running around and I quickly realised that there were not many 'farangs' at the local school fair (2 I think) - I guess I did stand out. The Thai people were so inviting I quickly stopped looking and simply enjoyed the foods and the dance shows that were initially put on by the local school children.

a budding George Lucas
I enjoyed the potatoes which were cut into a 'twirl' and deep fried, the coffee and the chicken satay - aroy.

Jemma wanted to dance on stage but her interest was quickly snatched by the children firing lit plastic 'helicopters' into the air which span in the air and came down slowly.

There was more dancing but we left as Jemma decided that she wanted to watch a film -  'It's a Bug's Life'.  A fun night out in the local village.

Dog faeces and sand

Thank you to everyone who takes care of their dog's faeces but to those who are not aware of this;

"Burying dog sh**t in sand does not make it go away."

Toxocara eggs can survive for years in soil or sand, so all dog faeces should be collected and destroyed.

Bullfighting and Phuket

Photo from
I was perusing the paper over the weekend a section called 1000 words in the Sunday edition of the Bangkok Post.  It is between 10 and 15 photographs which very high quality and “A picture is worth a thousand words” is what I imagine the writers were aspiring to when they gave the section a title.

The photographs are always entertaining but what caught my eye was the photo above that shows people standing on the balcony whilst watching people run through the streets whilst being chased by the bulls - Festival of San Fermin.

This is exactly the same feeling I get when I sit in a coffee shop in Patong and watch the tourists.

The tourists try to cross the busy roads whilst;

2: accosted by a tailor putting on an accent which they think is you 
(much like telephone support in the UK), 
 3: running away from a beach vendor who wants more money
 4: ripped off by a jet ski operator
 5: trying to escape from a time share home seller 
who tells you that you have won the prize

Photo from
I think that next year I am going to run with the bulls – at least I know which direction they are chasing me.  In Patong the side of the road that you drive on changes…

Where are my readers from?

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Nearly got to a thousand visitors from the UK...
929 (12/7/2011)

Thai politics and noodles DO NOT mix

Thai politics is certainly a very interesting thing to watch with it’s bureaucracy, back handers, cars, second wives, guns and now we have a woman Prime Minister in line.

So what is in the headlines?

None of the issues above.

In 2008 the
Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej was forced to resign his post because he performed on two cooking shows on television and was PAID for his time.

photograph from permission requested
In July of this year (2011) the Prime Minister elect Yingluck Shinawatra was accused of buying votes with the noodles that she was cooking – which can be classified as vote buying.

Handing out real cash to be distributed isn’t?

Something for nothing

Something for nothing - I have just received this link from the Phuket E-magazine and all I have to do is download the E-coupon - where do I start?

I think that it has to be Starbucks and a coffee.

Ensogo also looks quite good but I have to purchase the coupon over the net first...
and I don't read (or speak Thai).

Planking in Phuket Official

Okay so I have had a go - but then so many other people have as well - what's the harm?  

Unless you do something really stupid like plank on the fence and fall over the 250 ft drop the other side of course...

We missed the planking at the Indy Market last week - but it was reported in the Phuket Gazette and the Phuket News.

Have you tried teapotting?

Tourist scams in Phuket

This site outlines the Top 10 Tourist Scams 
So what are Thailands?

1) These jewels are worth a lot of money...
2) The Grand Palace is closed today BUT...
3) You broke the Jet ski...
4) You buy this trip - special price...
5) I love you...
6) My buffalo is dead...
7) This is an original copy
8) The Holiday Home... 

Then I found a Thai Scams website!

But I am happy to read that Patong is to 'purge Patong of timeshare touts'.
When are they going to start?

But then I read in the Phuket Gazette about a warning for Thai women being scammed by the tourist - watch out everybody.

Phuket News June 2011

A phone company that indicates it is a 3G service but the service does not work with 3G technology - only in Phuket?

Public transport in Phuket - a Popular addition - the Pink Bus.

Man an woman thrown off the cliff but a man just played being dead 

A residence which was paying for someone's electricity - but the developer can't help because the cables are underground - unless the residences want to pay?

Planking is dangerous for your mental health?
There is nothing more important to do?

Tesco's talk of going to charge for parking because of outsiders using the building
- bring back the shopping receipt (Jungceylon)

You should be insured before going on holiday!
Are the insurance going to help you when you have been knocked off your motorbike by a person who then phones his friend who demands that you pay for the accident or there will be the police and they will take away your passport until this matter is sorted out... BUT your plane leaves tomorrow?

At great expense a squadron was sunk to create an artificial reef - but 90% is destroyed because the aluminum was too light and not held together - what a waste

Is your singing really that bad?
Karaoke bar owner shot

Don't mess with the Ladyboy in Patong - sound advice, but now the police are involved.
Another case that is common is when an unsuspecting tourist wakes up after sleeping with a ladyboy to discover he’s been robbed – or he wakes up and realizes he has no money to pay for the “services” of the ladyboy and a fight breaks out, Col Arayapan said.

Motorbike death in Phuket an expat hotelier 
then i read that it is a common accident spot?

Motorbike death (2)
i wonder why i don't drive here!

A shoot out!

A suicide -  but people do not trust the enquiry

A Russian is found hanging in the cell - there are not a lot of happy stats this month

and more - an Aussie dies jumping out of a window.

A Gangland Shooting - no tourists but it was a mistake

A father kills his daughter then suicide????


A successful raid in Patong for pirated goods
- one person arrested - and the rest of them?

Phuket FC lose again - sacked the manger
they really are going for the Premiership!

A Tourist commits suicide - are there some statistics?

Waste water was safe to be discharged
why... was it not save before?

Crack down on tattooists who tattoo religious icons on bodies.

Shelters for tourists in need - I hope that they have air conditioning, double beds, water and a TV or there will be complaints.... and what about the forum?  Is there a 'joiners' fee?

So what did the last survey of tourists fond out?
The tourists complained about the taxi drivers...

Then a question is raised about the land surrounding Big Buddah and more - please do not tell me they did not have permission OR is it simply that donated funds are moosing?

Vote NO Rally in Phuket - so yes to who?

A dolphin park in Phuket - 90 million baht idea?
Hopefully only an idea - not simply a waste...

13 vendors arrested in Patong for selling Pirated material
and the rest?

- but will this come true? the possibility is frightening

Briton drowns in Koh Samui (not Phuket)... that was the police response BUT

Baby Surrogacy - paying someone to have your baby for you - Vietnamese women repatriated because this is what they were doing in Thailand - I am a little confused - if they were Thai then it would have been okay?

Illegal beach encroachment in Bang Tao - but I thought that this was now under control?
Not when you read that there is a building deemed instantly illegal (above).

The Red Shirts are planking in Bangkok?

A light railway in Phuket?
We have witnessed the taxi drivers assault on the boats 
- what will they have in store for the railway?