A trip to Khao Yai

We were away for five days and we had a wonderful time.

A pleasant walk near the Visitor Centre...

A stroke of a Samba Deer....

Then some dinner - delicious - stayed at the Balios.

Day One - Arrive at Khao Yai National Park

A walk around, visiting the visitors centre and stroking some Samba Deer.

A lady selling gifts for the temple - her lips stained with Betel Nut.

Then a walk through - crossing rivers.

Noticed recent bear marks on the nearby tree.

Then there was recent elephant pooh 

and footprints...

Tried to get a photograph of the Hornbills...

I can't remember what the names of these are but we made some...

Then we tried to watch the bats - but it was too warm...

Day Three - Early trip in Khao Yai National Park

Today we were up early...

I met some monks - always a pleasure.

Jemma found some tracks.

Time for some afternoon tea at the Thames Valley - not what we thought that we would find but it was very nice.

Not sure about the Green Cafe Latte though...

Then we went home and met an elephant...


Then we met another one on the way home in the evening.

Day Three - Elephant Day

Time to go to a show at Farm Chockchai but first an ice cream.

Then milking a cow.

Then a horse ride...

Next a visit to a Wat - 

วัดวชิราลงกรณ์วรารามวรวิหาร (Wat Wachiralongkon Wararam Worawihan)

Then a snack at a local market.

Day Four - Farming, a Wat and a local market

Up early...

The gibbons were noisy...

A male Samba Deer by the side of the road...

Then a baby Muntjac

Time for the Samba Deer breakfast

There were so many Hornbills in the Fig Tree but I needed a real camera

Cross the river to look for the monitor lizard - we found him

Day Five - Time to go home...

See you again Khao Yai...

Buddha Daily Quotes - App for Phuket

Visiting a Buddhist Country?


A new quote from Buddha everyday on your iPhone & iPad! No need to open the app, quote will appear your screen automatically, just enjoy each day at a time of your choice.

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I have always commented that you should learn something about the country that you are visiting and Thailand is predominantly Buddhist what better way than receiving a message for you to read, thank and share with others.

Then you can visit all of the beautiful Wats which are scattered throughout Thailand with a little more.

The most difficult thing for you to do is to choose the time of day that you receive your message - the default is 9am and this was fabulous for me.

Cost: £0.69
Ease of use: wonderfully simple
Comment: - it is wonderfully simple

Fate of Alex Face Mural...

Surprised to read this today

The mural was completed on Saturday Apr 9, and following its completion, local residents took to social media to either severely criticise or praise the design. (See story here.)

In attendance at today’s meeting, held at 10am, were Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwansupana, local media, residents, government officials and Wirachai Pranveerapaibool, leader of the “So Phuket” group who were part responsible for the mural being painted.

Speaking during the meeting, Mr Wirachai said, “Following the first meeting held last week, I have decided to ask Pattcharapon ‘Alex Face’ Tangreun to paint over his mural on the side of the old Standard Chartered Bank Building.

“Mr Pattcharapon will paint over the mural himself between May 5-15,” he said.

“I understand that there are several opinions about the mural and about art in general,” he added.
Mr Wirachai went on to say that the mural on the old Standard Chartered Bank building is part of a collection of 12 murals being painted on various buildings around Phuket Town and that the project will continue until all 12 are complete.

“This project will go on until all 12 paintings are finished. Only four – including the one on the old Standard Chartered Bank – have been finished so far. Once all 12 are complete the artists will speak more about the project. This should be in October,” he said.

Story from the Phuket News

What is your opinion?

Liam and an iPhone?

Interesting to know what happens to all those old iPhones...


Things to do in Phuket - Rang Hill

Rang Hill is more than just a very steep hill - but it is steep!

I would actually advocate walking up it because there may be things which you would not see. Starting at the very bottom there is a wonderful Chinese Shrine called Sam Se Je Hud which is currently (June 2014) being made bigger.

As you begin to walk up the hill you will see a Buddhist Temple on the right, this does not receive a lot of media attention and it is not clear why. I have entered always with respect and I think that it is a place for teaching .

A little way up and then there is a Buddhist Cemetery - which has since been closed.

Then the journey begins - and it is steep - past Phuket View restaurant on your left and the first stop is on your left a a small gap in the trees (there are some steps) to a Fitness Park - the upkeep of this Fitness Park does not seem to be much but I feel exercising by walking up is enough!

After trying all the equipment out (quite old) then it is time for a drink and I would advocate going to the Tunka Cafe - it is open for lunch and dinner and have a fresh coconut or a cold Singha.

After this then there is a quick visit to the recently completed viewpoint - i did not see this at the time of writing - Jamie did.

Then there is another restaurant - Khao Rang Breeze restaurant as you begin to walk back and don't forget that there are monkeys on the hill and that there is usually someone there selling you food.
Note: there are some toilets here for 5 Baht.

This time the way down is the left hand road and this road winds slowly and take you to a wonderful Buddhist Temple called Wat Thepkajonjit.

Here there are two temples next to each other. One has an enormous meditating golden Buddha on it and usually monks praying in the room underneath.

Next to this is an enormous Wat with a number of scary looking spirits outside - this is the actual Wat Thepkajonjit.

Completing the walk down the hill will take you to the Yaowarat Rd...