# days in July

This is getting a bit over the top - I did agree with doughnut day - but I am not sure with all the rest of them. But what the heck - have some fun...

The Dhammakaya Temple

Image and text is from mail2day
Beautiful Wat Phra Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand — The Buddhist temple traditionally has a significant role in the Thai community. The temple is a centre to teach and exemplify ethical practice which is an implicit part of everyday life. The real essence of the temple is not to be found in the buildings, but in the community it serves - which can be divided roughly into two parts. Most people like to cisit the temple on a day-to-day basis to to support the monks, hear sermons, consolidate their own virtue and seek advice. The complementary part of the community comprises the determined few who give up their home life to enter the temple on a more long-term basis in order to train themselves. The latter must often undergo a long period of apprenticeship before being accepted into the community. 

A beautiful video...

The Dhammakaya Temple, one of Thailand's largest and most controversial Buddhist sects, has become a target of the country's military government. Photo: Jack Kurtz/ZUMA PRESS

Did think of the Apple Campus

 a religion?  

Traveling Thailand

There are some interesting things to do on this list - my favourite would be the foods to try. I guess they can't tell you to make a shopping list of photographs of the things that you would like to buy - makes it easier to explain to the Street Seller what you want.

Guns and motorbikes

Not being a person who can ride a motorbike I find myself writing this post.

I was waiting for something outside Robinson in Phuket Town and this motorbike was standing in font of me.

I wonder how real the guns are...

The Paris Accord

Image from www.nature.org

Well lets have a look at both views of America leaving the agreement

A pleasure to see a Government take a stand on Social Media (Twitter).
Let's see.