Whoops - the poster was a little late but I had not seen this before...

Off to Australia (2019)

Easter in Australia was a lot of fun with my family.

The Nachos at Wine Connection were very nice still.

Home was still lovely.

Not many kangaroos whilst we were there though.

Watching the sunset.

Then it was off to O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat and their scheduled activities for children.

We stopped at Cafe Metz in Canungra for sandwich, coffee and cake.

Dinner at O'Reilly's was lovely - but I did want some more Thai flavor... have the shared dinners at the restaurant and the soups at the cafe.

We had parrots on the balcony in the morning.

Cocktails in the evening.

Wrong tea making in the dark!!

We saw the Bower bird and where it was starting a nest. 

Pie and chips on the way home - at The Outpost Cafe.

Mount Tamborine for shopping and lovely views.

Stopping at the Walkway Cafe on the way.

Lahey's Canungra Tramway Tunnel on the way home - fascinating.

Queensland for the Science Museum.

And the view next to the water - Qeii Park.

Fish and Chips from around the corner.

Happy Easter from the locals.

Free Wi-Fi from Qantas at Brisbane Airport - thank you.

A weekend in Chasengcho

Wat Samanrattanaram was our first stop

and we searched for the big elephant (of course) - it was smaller than I thought though.

The Khlong Khuean Ganesh International Park - อุทยานพระพิฆเนศ องค์ยืน คลองเขื่อน ฉะเชิงเทรา - very busy with people.

Wat Paknam Jolo - วัดปากน้ำ(โจ้โล้) - gold was everywhere

We stayed at the River Breeze 

which was next to the river - quite beautiful.

Then we found an enormous Chinese Temple - Sawang Satthatham Foundation - 
มูลนิธิสว่างศรัทธาธรรมกุศลธรรมมูลนิธิ .

 Time to visit a market - Baan Mai Market - 100 years old -  and we found a small coffee shop by the river - the Red Cat Cafe.

Then the shiny enormous temple - Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan - by the river.

Time for some lunch by the river at บ้านไม้ริมน้ำ - great and we bought some more fresh mango.

Then the metallic Wat - Wat Hua Suan - a wonderful example of a Wat - then it was time to go home...

the full map is here  

Roads and Lanes in Bangkok

I still find Bangkok and interesting and fascinating place to wander - I was working in the centre of Bangkok and I walked from the office to the Bangkok Doll Museum.

There was an assortment of small lanes and the park was a lovely spot.

The lanes were very busy with small cars and bicycles - every so often there was a lorry which made the road blocked!

But there was always something to buy nearby.

Trees were not removed but became part of the building - I found a coffee shop with a tree in it here but as I write this I have forgotten it's name...

And adjacent to this was where small Wats were discarded - still wandering how long they will stay here...

And on the top of some buildings were others.

Then there were small Chinese Shrines which had offerings in them.

Sometimes I wonder how many people actually visit some of the shops but they always seem to be organised...

Bangkok is certainly somewhere to wander without a Guidebook (if you have the time of the patience).

Second term being a teacher again!

It was Spring so we decided to explore the nature around the school.

We made large 3 Dimensional maps of our classroom.

The we explored Dr. Seuss and we had an Assembly.

Made things for Chinese New Year.

Of course it was Valentine's Day.

We spoke about not teaching children to shoot a gun - there is a special day for this but I can't recall the day - 'Red Hand Day'?

Hoping we will get a computer in the classroom.

We tried some Coding.

Looked at food chains and much more...