The Mangrove, Kamala Beach, Kathu Festival and Tung Tong Big Chicken

We had a very lazy day today - we started with breakfast out. We went to the Mangrove Hotel, because it is so convenient...

We arrived at 10:15 and it was clear that that the buffet was nearly over... I think we should arrive earlier next time if we want to take full advantage of the buffet.

Following this we packed our bags, popped into Robinsons for a picnic shop (with an ice cream from Dairy Queen) and we headed to Kamala Beach.

Well Kamala Beach was deserted of tourists and the tide was out. There were locals fishing in the tide pools for something which I have forgotten and then we took the opportunity to eat our picnic on the beach and play in the swing.

As we played and ate we noticed that there was a family with puppies which Jemma loved to hold - thank you.

We continued to drive South and came to this sign and we turned back - looking carefully over the walls to see this construction - a little too close to the sea for me.

Then it was time for the Kathu Festival - a lot of fun even though it rained - see previous post.

Time for dinner - we chose to visit a place that we had not been for a long time - Tung Tong Big Chicken - delicious...

A special visitor to Phuket

After my trip to work and all of the flags alongside the road I was not surprised when they continued all the way and along the Cape Panwa Promenade.

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was staying at the Cape Panwa Hotel and in The Absolute Suite. The next day Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was at a special opening at a local school - Islam Phattana School.

This reminded me that a picture of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was on display at a College in Kathu when we visited the Kathu Festival last week (above).

View Cape Panwa in Phuket in a larger map

Red Pop and Thai Buddhist Shrines

I have spent a number of hours taking photographs of Phuket Old Town and I always spend a few more hours sorting them out and I always have more.

At many of the properties that I walk past there is a Thai Buddhist Shrine in the front of the house and usually in one of the corners. Every morning the owner of the small shrine will prepare something to put at the front - be it Dim Sum, a drink and a lit Joss Stick.

It is a lovely action which has a great deal of Cultural meaning and it is also present with the Chinese population and smaller shrines scattered through Phuket.

BUT - does anybody drink this red pop because all I think it tastes like is a medicine?  Then as I wander around Phuket Town I see two Buddhist Shrines in the same day with this red pop in front of it OR is it chosen because it does not attract the insects?     

Where Thailand July 2013

An Update:- 

This is the future but it does not seem to be always working - maybe the link is too slow and I am on wireless in Phuket, Thailand or maybe  this an interesting idea BUT it does not always work - here's a link...

Why you should not put your head into a crocodile's mouth

I have to admit that I do have a distaste for this sort of show and the pinnacle of this (in Phuket) is the mistreatment of animals at the Phuket Zoo.

However I was still shocked at this video - I believe that there is a worker at Phuket Zoo who had his arm bitten off but still works the show?

Was I surprised - NO.
thanks to Richard Barrow for the link 

Kathu Festival 2013

We remembered the excitement that we had when we visited here last year and were determined not to be late so we were there before the ' spectacular procession' - thinking the last time I was here was the Vegetarian Festival!

The setting was great - people were waiting and the spectators were lining the street - there was a beautifully decorated house where I stood which was decorated with a Chinese Style Shrine and behind it was a photograph of what looked like a newly married couple in the Cultural Baba dress - wonderful.

There were old style Chinese carts for ferrying people with immaculately dressed people inside waiting...

Then the drums began and then a marching band arrived - I did not know where I was for a short period! Then they started a tune which was a Nursery Rhyme and I was totally lost - a lot of fun.


the rain began...not too sure about the electric cables though...

The period that the rain lasted was short and we did manage to run back to the car and change Jemma's clothes and return to the Festival.

This certainly did dampen everyones spirits - even ours! Which soon picked up as I met Jamie - whose family was somewhere and he joined ours and the children who wanted to  play with Jemma - coconut walking and a Bamboo Gun were a real hit!

There were a number of places which were selling items which were typical to any market in Phuket Town BUT there were places selling 'unique' local cookery - does this mean Doremon and Angry Birds together OR the sausages!

 We tried to win a goldfish, bought a LEGO Chima and then promptly lost mummy...

Eventually we found each other as the moon began to rise and we made our way to Big Chicken for dinner - we had a lot of fun!

Internet Access on Phuket Island

I have tried to make a map of all of the places - it will never get finished because I only put in a flag when I have tried it... I do like the different styles of telling us the passwords.

thank you from the wireless users xx

The meanings of the postures of the Buddha - Monday

In every temple there a number of different Buddhist states and each one has a different meaning - this does not remain consistent when I read all the documentation BUT I have chosen this one from Willy.

This is from Willy’s Site - Phuket 101

The Monday Buddha image is standing with the right hand raised to shoulder height with the palm out and the fingers extended (the abhaya mudra).

This image represents Buddha pacifying the relatives. When Buddha returned from heaven after three months, his relatives were arguing about the rights to water flowing through their land. Buddha persuaded them to compromise.

If you were born this day:
You are serious with a good memory and a love of travel, likely to be in a skilled occupation.

Lucky day is Saturday and lucky color is black
Unlucky day is Sunday and unlucky color is orange.

View Buddhist Temples in Phuket in a larger map

Free water and plastic bottles at petrol stations

A good tip here - many petrol stations throughout Thailand will give you  free bottle of water when you fill up with gasoline. BUT studies now show that the water in these plastic bottles (which are exposed to direct sunlight) is dangerous for you.

If you have any in your car throw them away of use the water to wash your feet after a day on the beach.

As I look at this photo of someone filling up I noticed that they are actually filling a water bottle up with gasoline and will soon be driving off on his motorbike - I think that this is pretty dangerous too - I wonder whether he smokes...


If I was to rant on this site about a currently abused culture visiting Thailand I would be asked to remove it. Then I was sent this ebook from a colleague... which is called 'Pigs on the Loose'.

Then it all made more sense when I looked at the red (sort of) lines that I was under the impression that you were not allowed to park against?

I had my lovely lunch in a small Italian and Thai restaurant in the set of authentic look Sino-Portugeuse houses (Crust) and came out and the coach was still there!

Noodles, coffee and a picnic.

This was a wonderful day - what started off with making pancakes for breakfast ended with cocktails.

An old Michael Caine movie was selected to watch and then it was time for lunch - we chose to have lunch in a local noodle shop (เยาว เยนตาโฟ สาขา 3) just outside Phuket Town.

Wonderful noodles - thank you, but there seems to be nothing in any other language other than Thai. Chuen (my lovely wife) simply went to the Traditional Noodle Cart and asked the cook how to make it - type of noodles, garnish, meats, seafood, red paste and everything else.

I could not tell you exactly what it was but I did have a go with foodspotting

I needed sugar so we chose to go to a coffee shop in Phuket Old Town - parking at the most convenient shop I could only smile as a dreadful cafe that I visited previously and was dreadful had closed. It had a fantastic review in a newspaper though...

We continued to wander and the coffee shop was busy with them cleaning the windows so I chose Kaffe - I had not been there for a least a year - in fact foursquare told me! The decor had changed and the ambience was welcoming.

The coffees were luke warm and the cakes were disappointing, so much so that i nearly asked whether the custard tarts were purchased from KFC. See more on my restaurant blog.

After this we went to purchase all the items for our picnic at Sapan Hin at S&P at Tesco.

We picked up Jemma from Kajonkiet school and made our way through the rain to Sapan Hin - where it was no longer raining.

We had lots of nibbles - watched them fishing AND a catfish was caught and something else...

The picnic finished we went to meet Olivier for a cocktail at the Mangrove...

A lovely day off... 

Free coffee at Starbucks

So what do people say about Starbucks - pretty much derogatory I would have to report but sometimes you really must go in and that time is the -  

Cookie Crumble Frappucino!

and when you have to wait for Phuket Town Central Festival upstairs to open at 10:30 - so what better time!!

Fill in the online questionnaire and receive a free coffee next time...
don't lose the receipt...

Have you tried the best App to find the closest Starbucks?
Starbuck's own App cost money and a copy App which does not work.

How's a book?

Phuket Happenings - June 2013

So what happened in June to us and I really cannot recall everything - 

I was given permission to develop teaching Thai Culture in my English Lessons
We went on the Phuket Walk 
There was the Baba Wedding 
I was excited about the Phita Kong Festival BUT...
Then I was asked to teach someone to make a cheesecake!

In the rest of Phuket...

Deaths because people ignored the Red Flag
 - how many languages does this flag need to be in?

Phuket Beaches roped off...
I don't think that I have seen this before
Chinese dies 

Snakes come out in the rains...

Ever tried Stand Up Paddlers?
and Paddle for the Planet.

After the complaint about the Russian Tour Guides
the Chinese Tourists were the brunt of a lot of criticism and across the world!
and sorry I see the behaviour regularly...

And the 'jailed' German who escaped his entourage in Bangkok airport!
but is rearrested later!!

Using Skype to catch a criminal

Korean plastic surgery (double jaw) - breaking the jaw and resetting.
- stop!!!!

Then the tourist boat from Phi Phi which took on water!

The airport bus is going to start on the 17th of July 
watch this space...

Patong Hill and there is another crash!!

Then - repeat safety offenders (bus drivers) face losing their license!
Stop this insanity! 

Patong does not seem to be a welcoming place
Aussie boys attacked by mob!!

Long-tails capsize in the sea of Krabi 

Building on slopes - through slopes greater than 30 degrees is illegal 
is it!?

Tablets for school children
- do any of the children have them?

A new idea - Tourists MUST have Medical Insurance
could you imagine trying to redeem!

Patong does not seem to be a welcoming place

Motorbike crash and a death, a young American.
Wiset Road - Krabi

View Accident black spots. in a larger map

Hotels, Sanitary Bags and beaches

This is a little more clear as to where the plastic bag originated.

Does this mean that the Phuket Graceland are responsible for telling their guest to dispose of their sanitary bags more carefully?

Or should the company produce biodegradable sanitary bags?