Making a Cheesecake in Phuket

Okay so this has nothing to do with Phuket but is for friends of Chuen's....

Get the ingredients - I use McVitie's - the best and I did use a Philadelphia App for the recipes but you don't need to use this soft cheese.

Follow the guide / APP  BUT I made the base fatter.

Let the butter melt out of the fridge - easy here

Crush the biscuits (above is just the start)

Mix the biscuits and the melted butter - place in a cake tin with moving sides - put in the fridge.

Meanwhile mix the cheese with the condensed milk (very sweet here in Phuket).

Squeeze in lime / lemon juice to taste...

Put on the base from the fridge - cool.

Sprinkle chocolate dust on top - EAT!

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