Phuket Happenings - May 2013

May included a Walk Rally of Phuket Town, a visit to Chiang Rai, a rabbit hutch being built, go geocaching and numerous other things...

Anyway elsewhere in Phuket this month - 

That was a serious power cut - how much of Thailand?

Russian pole dancers arrested in Patong because of visa and public indecency
Russian workers arrested at Phuket Wake Park
but one proved legal
and the others?

Seawalking is back!!!!!
- but officials arrive too late?
and the Seawalking company deny destroying coral 
- and...
Corals will take 5 years to grow back - officials say
fingers crossed
and a local man charged with selling coral ornaments on bracelets at Sapan Hin 
and who is fined?

Fish prices increase as the Low Season starts?  
- the Monsoon season - now I understand

Using facebook to 'tag' illegal foreigners
- not sure about this one...
some tourists got caught using facebook

Dead Dugong washed up  
Would like to see a Dugong and a Pink Dolphin

Illegal taxis gain an airport reprieve 

are they therefore legal?

Chinese guides used for Chinese Tourists

then an organised demonstration by the Thai Guides
sounds like the Russians last month - who's next?
Chinese Ambassador gets promise of more Chinese Translators 
- a promise?

View Buddhist Temples in Phuket in a larger map

Chinese Men arrested for selling souvenirs at Wat Kathu 
- is there a link?

Whoops missed the Phuket Health Festival...

GT200 fraud exposed - British Court convicts businessman
- who purchased them in Thailand?

In June there will be no lifeguards - contract finishes May 27

A boxing grudge match
Thai Wife vs. Thai Mistress
Wife wins Husband and 40,000 Baht

Phuket plants mangrove seedlings to honour HM Queen Sirikit.
Happy Birthday - a good idea

The Bang Yai Canal in Phuket Town stinks of raw garbage
Yes it does - which are the restaurants close to this?
The Phuket Governor vows to stem this 
unfortunate choice or words - who will be near to the plug?
The effluent comes out at Bang Tao beach 
- that's a long way
People are sick because of the effluent 
- not good PR for Phuket...
- maybe Chatuchak will come here!?

Tourist Buddy is the new App for the visiting Tourist

- hope it works 
- do they give you a smart phone if you arrive in the country without one?
not reviewed App yet but will here

View Accident black spots. in a larger map

Another death with a motorbike - Patong early morning and wet
please take care...

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