The meanings of the postures of the Buddha - Sunday

Wat Phra Tong

In every temple there a number of different Buddhist states and each one has a different meaning - this does not remain consistent when I read all the documentation BUT I have chosen this one from Willy.

The Sunday Buddha image is standing with arms crossed in front of the waist with the right hand covering the left hand.

Buddha obtained enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi tree (a large and very old Sacred Fig tree located in Bodh Gaya, about 100 km from Patna in the Indian state of Bihar).

The image represents a time just after Buddha obtained enlightenment when, for gratitude, he stood and admired a Bodhi tree for one week without blinking an eye.

If you were born this day:
You are respectable, wise, loved by friends and family, likely to be in a professional occupation.
Lucky day is Wednesday and lucky colour is green
Unlucky day is Friday and unlucky colour is blue.

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