Playing hookey?

Something that I take great pleasure in is wandering aimlessly around Phuket Old Town and you will always find something interesting.

Today I wandered down an alleyway in Phuket Old Town - an alleyway that I could not find again but I think that it was between Circle Coffee Shop and Krieng Tin.

As I wandered along the the road I found myself arriving at a multi-cloured children's adventure playgound. The playground  was in front of a brightly coloured green house - hey I thought - this might make a nice photographs...

As I approached it I realised that there were some children dressed in their Girl Guides Uniforms inside - they were playing music from their telephone and painting their nails - reminded me of Western Children BUT I was so happy that they weren't smoking a cigarette - lovely.

Then I looked inside the bright green house and saw that there was a well looked after Chinese Shrine and that there was a figure of the Hindu god Ganesha - well at least I think that it is - Phuket: a wonderful place where different cultures and different  religions can live together.

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