Motorbike taxi in Phuket

Motorbike Men is the topic of the day - whilst waiting for the local bus adjacent to the local market I am always tempted to take a motorbike to where I want to go. Would I suggest doing it?

Well I have done it more than once and it is certainly nor for everybody.

There is certainly a lot of camaraderie within them.

But today is about the 'motorbike men' who seem to be sitting there for a long time waiting for someone who wants a ride...

There are motorbike 'pick up points' scattered all over Phuket and they usually charge a reasonable price (but not for everyone). So if you do not want to hire a car this is an alternative, but there are more.

Texting whilst walking is illegal (somewhere)

Image courtesy of Mashable

This is something I would imagine a great many people would agree with.

What do you think?

Mini Art Meeting 2016 (19 March - 20 April 2016)

There is currently an Art Exhibition in Phuket Town.

30 Artists 300 Pictures

I do recognise this artist

This is the artist which makes his using driftwood and items found in the sea.

Has this got links to Manga or just the Ant Man?

Then I started to get a little woozy...

Then I was confused...

Definitely worth a visit: 19 March - 20 April 2016

Here is a link to some Phuket Artists which I have visited

Buddhist To Pray Tools

What do all these things mean in the Buddhist Temple?


Buddhist Tools
This program will virtually give you information on buddhism and the traditions involving it, also you may practice some religous customs on your cellphone. On our beta version prayer wheels would turn, and on our pro version all tools would be available. Since it is our first program there might be some shortcomings and mistakes.

There are 10 items in the Buddhist Wat that this App chose to describe...

Look at the top wheel to see which ones.

This was wonderful - you were able to investigate what each was able article in turn! Then I found that I was able to count the Prayer beads - it made me want to look at it more. 

Then there were the Incense sticks - I wonder when there will be 'smell O vision'?

A great introduction to Buddhism.

Cost: Free
Ease of use: click on the pictures
Comment: a great idea but think the colouring for the writing is too much

Siam according to Bangkokian

Image from Bangkok Coconuts
Well I guess I do not know enough about Bangkok and Thailand yet because not a lot of this makes any sense... yet!

So I guess I have to look at where to visit next...

But then I read that it was based on this map! 
Asia according to the Americans...


Best Breakfast and Brunch

I do not partake of breakfast and brunch so this is shamelessly taken from

Gallery Cafe by Pinky -  my visit

Indigo Pearl  

Oriental Bar and Grill at Twin Palms

The Corner Restaurant 

Boonrat Dim Sum - my review 

Pure Organic Heaven 

Home Dining 

Blue Mango Bar and Grill 

Cafe Siam breakfast 


BUT we do like to go to Sacs for breakfast...

Is it the Enigma or Phocea which has returned?

For readers of this blog we remember when a boat was moored out to sea for an awful long time and for a number of different reason.

It was called the Phocea.

Then it was called The Enigma.

Then it made friends with Octopus.

Is this the same boat?

Exotic Thai Fruits

Try as many of the fruits as you can whilst you are in Thailand.

They are never the same in other parts of the world.

Buddha's Footprint

Buddha's footprint is something that you see in a number of Buddhist Temples - this one was actually on a trip to Ayutthaya so I am not sure where you are able to find one in Phuket.

The footprints of the Buddha (Buddhapada) are one of the early representations of the Buddha in the anticonic (no statues) stage of Buddhist art. The Buddhapada are highly revered in all Buddhist countries, especially in Sri Lanka and Thailand.
Symbolizing the grounding of the transcendent, feet have been objects of respect in India long before Buddhism. According to Buddhist legend, after the Buddha attained enlightenment, his feet made an imprint in the stone where he stepped.
In another tradition, the infant Buddha took seven steps after his birth to symbolize his spiritual domination of the universe.
The footprints of the Buddha symbolize the Buddha's presence, as they are believed to be the imprints where the Buddha actually touched the ground. At the same time, the Buddhapada signify the Buddha's absence now that he has entered nirvana, and thus are a reminder of the Buddhist ideal of nonattachment.
The Buddha's footprints are usually depicted with the toes of all one length and with a dharmachakra (wheel) in the centre. (text is from Religion facts)

The footprint is venerated further if it is found in the countryside - in face these are protected by Royal Patronage and are believed to be an actual footprint - the most famous of them being Phra Puddhabat temple in Saraburi Province.

Please remember to respect Buddhism when you enter the temple by being appropriately dressed and removing your shoes.

Best Thai Iced Tea in Phuket - ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยำกุ้งมะนาวไข่หวาน

The best Iced Tea in Phuket was in ก๋วยเตี๋ยวต้มยำกุ้งมะนาวไข่หวาน

Partial eclipse 2016 - not!

We got up early this morning to see the Partial eclipse...

AND it was beautiful

but I did not put a digital memory stick in the camera - whoops.

The moon crosses in front of the sun during the first solar eclipse of the year photographed in Phuket on March 9. Photo: Nick Davies - See more at:
So here is someone else's photo

We had a wonderful time on the bicycle ride though.

The breakfast at Cafe Kantary was great - coffee and pancakes...

Then back onto the bicycles.

Nice view on the promenade opposite!

We had a stop at X10 Studios - lovely view.

Is it Roti Sai Mai?

Roti Sai Mai is a favourite Thai Streetfood of mine - this is almost the same as Candy Floss and I love it.

Driving from the airport I always watch put the window to see if there is any for sale and we usually find some.

But be careful - look carefully it isn't always the Roti Sai Mai that you want...

Buddhist alms giving

Monks and Thailand are a very common link and one of the most beautiful things that I have been part of is walking with the monks in the early morning.

According to the latest figures Thailand is still 90% but this is more than Phuket which what I read is mostly Buddhist.

What I enjoy to do is to take photographs of the monks as they walk along the roads.

The monks get up very early in and many are met by people waiting on the side of the road with gifts of food for the monks - called alms giving and is popular in a number of cultures.

From approximately 7am monks will walk along the roads bear feet with their alms bowls, the senior monk will always walk in the front.

Devotees, whose houses are along the alms-round circuit, wait in front of their homes. Others, go to a spot along the road where the monks pass.

To indicate that you would like to offer food, remove your shoes, lower your upper body and put your palms together in front of your chest. In Thai, we call this hand gesture wai.

If the alms bowl is not full, the monks open the lid for you. 

First we offer rice, followed by food, desserts, fruits and water or other drinks. If the bowl is full on the other hand, we put the offerings on the lid instead.

Some people also give a bouquet of flowers to put in front of the Buddha image at the temple.

Finally, we wai the monks, who often give a short blessing.

I found the best description from Thailand Breeze.