Wats in Ayutthaya - อาณาจักรอยุธยา

Ayutthaya is Thailand's Ancient City. 

We visited Ayutthaya and we chose to make merit visiting temples in succession and they were all special in their own way - here is a list.

This was a Reclining Buddha situated in the carefully preserved grounds.

This was a series of different Temples over a large area - there was so much to be seen here.

An enormous temple the Golden Buddha in the centre and a Chinese Shrine adjacent

This is a set of Wats and temples which have collections which pay homage to the History of Buddhism in Thailand - very interesting. 

This was a small Wat with only one temple but outside there was a covered area with more space to make merit. 

This was a small Wat with a fair amount of destruction but there was a smaller temple which had a monk inside to receive us.

This was a small Wat with a large number of visitors - well preserved and a place where Buddhism is clearly celebrated.

This is a giant Reclining Buddha known as Phra Buddhasaiyart 
- beautiful and also set amid other ruins. 

9) Wat Tha Ga Rong (วดทาการอง)

 This is almost a theme park - there are places to make merit and there are places to feed the fish, eat dinner and then go shopping.

10) Wat Kasatrathirat Worawihan (วดทาการอง)

 This was a quite peaceful temple and there were a number of Thai people, again no tourists - but a school nearby.

10) Wat Chai Watthanaram (วดไชยวฒนาราม)

This was a quite peaceful temple and there were a number of Thai people, again no tourists.

We were happy and tired that we had done this trip.
UNESCO are keen on preserving Ayutthaya and it is nominated to be on their World Heritage List - and in my opinion it should be.

This was extraordinarily special - we stayed at Kantary Hotel Ayutthaya and then we spent a night in Bangkok with family.

A visit worth making again.

Panoramio and Google map

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