Phuket Happenings - March 2014

So what was this month? - I had a birthday, Jemma's graduation, went to Khao Lak for a wedding, we went to Ayutthaya for two days but I remember it being a busy month so what else did we do?! I will have to read my blog....

WOW - fabulous cheap Copy Toy Shop (ธดาพร ของเลน) but sometimes the LEGO...
is cheap!

I really do not think that I would follow this sign to the Panwa Beach Resort - where has the real sign gone?

The story of the lost aeroplane deepens - a passenger on the aircraft was carrying a passport which was lost in Phuket after being left to rent a motorcycle.
Motorbikes are more than dangerous in Phuket

Then there was the comment from a person who lived in Phuket and asked what she should do when the Chinese Tourists surrounded her daughter to take a photograph - I suggested a tip hat - what about you?

229 years ago was the Battle of Thalang 
- missed this celebration (again)

- couldn't this be done at the pier?
- and what about the tourists?

The National Park encroachment is going to be investigated 
- again?

- but the report is that it was legal - OK
BUT why was the man wearing that outfit on the beach?
what else was the man involved in which was not posted?

- and the foreigners who have murdered Thai people, was a curfew given?

- more interesting was the choice of photograph 
- Pegas Holiday coach but a disclaimer printed - sorry 


Big Buddha construction is possibly a hazard
- work stopped
- the structure might fall over
- more projects are starting without permission - it is never ending
but my favourite

"Suporn Vanitchakul, president of the Phraphuttha Mingmongkol Sattha 45 Foundation and head of Big Buddha construction, apologized.

“I would like to apologize for the inconveniences caused by the construction. My actions are well-intentioned,” he said.

- but it was safe
- the pumps are blocked (sic) - how long does it take grass to grow? because that was what was in the waste...

Phuket Governors are looking at access to Freedom Beach
The future of Freedom Beach is being decided...
- is it all that it is built up to be?
- 120 Million Baht 

View Beaches in Phuket in a larger map

Then I read that the Bike Hire Firm is warned of the scam involving fake passports given by the tourist in exchange for the bike!

Round and round...

Terminal X at Phuket is for the Russian's and the Chinese
I wonder why they chose these two cultural groups? 
A management decision?

A Phuket Murderer (suspected) is on trial 
and the media is not allowed to take notes - because?

Rice scheme money is found
It's in Hong Kong - politicians and civil servants
that's a lot of money 'missing', when did they realise?

The kidnapped Russian gets a lot of bad press on facebook for being Russian
The Phuket News publish an editorial comment that all Russians are not the same!

10,000 complaints received about the taxi's in Phuket in 5 months
is that all?