Mangrove, บานขนมไทย ชาววง, Café-y-Té, Monkey Hill, พอตาโตะแซะ and รานสมตำเมองคอน-สะพานหน

Jemma and I got up early whilst mummy slept and we quickly did the homework which meant that we able to visit the Mangrove Panwa around the corner for breakfast. A small place and breakfast was until 11:30 am.

I like the location and the chess set that they have put in the garden

Jemma met a friend and they went off to feed the rabbits and then was soon searching for crabs along the waters edge.

We did find an interesting item - a post along the water's edge and it is not confirmed but I believe it to be - but Dawn told me

"I think these often appear where there has been some problem over land boundary. It will show where the public land ends (on the beach at high sea level) and where private land begins and building is allowed"

After the excitement of the crabs we needed to get changed, watch a movie and wake mummy up - it was now time for Lunch!

We had lunch at บานขนมไทย ชาววง (a popular Local Thai Restaurant - a review to come here) the Chinese Sausages were good but a little expensive to buy some to take home...

This meant that it was time for only the second coffee of the day - we drove into Phuket Town to find a coffee shop with good coffee, air-conditioning and good cake, we ended up at Café-Y-Té- delicious.

Parking was difficult so we had to walk and we ended up walking into the 'Drawing Room' - a gallery of paintings by a local artist.

Jemma decided that she wanted to go Geocaching - Monkey Hill was the closest and the most interesting place so this was where we chose.

We stopped on the way there because Jemma (and Daddy) liked the colourful stalls outside the Phuket City Office.

The top of the hill shows a great view and Monkey Hill was entertaining but we were very careful with the monkeys - the monkeys only seemed to be on the top half of the hill, dogs were below. 

The Geocache at the top of the hill could not be found - looking at the history of the cache we were not the only people who could not find it however.

We carefully fed the monkeys - especially as somebody had posted a number of posters up that feeding the monkeys was dangerous - I would agree, we threw the food out of the window and closed the window quickly.

There were a lot of monkeys!

As we went down the hill Jemma and I chose to visit the Buddhist Temple with a difference - พอตาโตะแซะ - which was on the side of the road.

Wat Charoen Samanakit is surrounded by a number of smaller temples and they are all very individual - a full review will be put here - in fact the more I look at the pictures the more confuse I am as to whether it is a Buddhist Wat or a Chinese Shrine or is it all of them?

A dinner was taken at Sapan Hin at รานสมตำเมองคอน สะพานหน a local restaurant and it really does serve the best Pla Duk Foo in Phuket - this is a MUST if you come to Phuket.