Phuket Happenings - February 2014

Well we had Valentines Day, Phuket Walking Street, Chinese New Year and Phuket Old Town Festival, Chinese Shrine Tour the opening of Phuket Old Time Square and...

Bang Tao Canal is deemed to be inadequate and investment must be made
- and the rest of the island?

There is an arrest at the Wat Chalong Temple Fair - people selling
jewellery made of protected species 
- what happens to the merchandise?

Marijuana on sale at a Beauty Salon 
- not the one that my wife chooses....

Flying Carpet accident unavoidable   
- fab a story about the strange but NO - it is the name of a boat :(

Then a Crepe seller stall explodes  
- yes I can quite imagine this happening...

The brown water and stench in Patong beach is not deemed to be a hazard
- and what does the tourist feel?

Missing Phuket woman with Alzheimer's killed in hit and run

A Deaf person is arrested for begging
- does he need a work permit?
- he was fined for having no passport and for disturbing the peace
SO the Absolute Hotel Western sellers?

A Swedish Tourist falls off the top of the bar in Patong and dies 
- not done that for a long time...

A building is demolished because it is built on land owned by DNP 
(Department of National Parks)
- the owner threatens to sue and why is this?

Terminal X is open at Phuket Airport for the Chinese and Russian Tourist 
- what a combination!
- put them all there to avoid the press?

A canal stinks and a Noodle factory is blamed...
- why?

Phuket Airport Bus is still in the Red 
- they have to pay a lot of 'kick back / insurance', what did you expect?

Karon beach water turns rancid again 
- was not aware there was a before and I hope that this is not the beginning...
Karon Governor confirms it is safe 
- but does not go for a swim?

Fire on Toh Sae Hill - destroys 2 Rai of Phuket Jungle
- might as well build on there now 
(not my comment - but apt)

ATM scammers in Phuket - Patong, Rawai, Kamala and Cherng Talay
- glad that I have no ATM

Illegal Wedding photographers arrested for their behaviour
- because they did not have work permits?
- they didn't take care of my weddings  

Then account holders begin to draw money from a particular back because 
12 year old girl drowns at Nai Harn beach
- this is going to happen again?
Then a 9 year old boy dies after chasing a kite into the sea

A controversial Chinese New Year Ad is offensive
- yes i understand that one

Rice farmers withdraw cash from banks  
- well if they did not get their promised money from the Government it will mean...