Phuket News October 2011

all photos from Phuket Gazette

Ouch - trust the Tourist Police when told to sign a document 
which is written in Thai?
read this report about a SA gentleman in jail.
he did :-)

More accidents - Patak Road 

Be careful driving to the airport - yes, a good idea, crazy fast drivers!!!
NO - they are widening the road and there you might have an accident.

There has been a lot of rain here...

and more rain

The hill road to Patong breaks...

but this was 2009...
Are our Roads Killing us?

An illegal dam bursts!!!!
So nobody noticed a construction of a dam?...

- Tesco Lotus is staying 

European Bartender School in Patong
well there are a lot or bars....
don't have a fight on your graduation night!
show off your Muay Thai moves...

Man falls off balcony in Patong and dies...

all in Patong - you could not say that Patong was boring?

Worlds largest Solar Powered Boat arrived in Phuket.
Not a lot else solar powered in Phuket?

A neighbour builds an extension for swiftlets in order to make bird's nest soup
- they have been ordered to remove it
Health and Safety?
Noise Pollution?
Building Permit Irregularity?
Phuket Zoning?

NOT good PR for MacDonalds!!!!

Rampaging elephant
Not sure I would have an elephant ride again...

Thieves are stealing water meters from homes.
The homeowner has to pay for a device which is not their property?
Where is my water meter located?

When you are told that you will get a lot of money by gambling 'some'
read the story - and it is not the only time.
BUT haven't we had spam and more cons for a while?

This is NOT Phuket but in the Phuket Gazette

Wait for; 
the power went down - no pics
there was someone in the way - no pic
someone pulled the plug - no pics
the list is endless.

another criminal on facebook!
Does the police simply read facebook and wait...
If found guilty - watch this space...


Taxi thugs mentioned previously fined 
BUT what about the damage to the reputation of Phuket?

300 Baht a day - hurrahs through the Phuket....
Senator Anothai Rittiphanyawong stressed that the minimum wage hike effective tomorrow affects government employees only.

“Is service charge [paid to employees] to be included in calculating the 300 baht a day,” asked Bhummikitti Ruktaengam, a vice president of the Phuket Tourist Association.

To this, Senator Anothai replied plainly that the rate was the flat minimum rate employers were to pay their employees for a day’s work – “this includes overtime and other payments”.

“Will I be arrested if I don’t pay it?” he asked.

To this there was no clear reply.

Do not forget to register your boat for it to enter the Similan Islands...
you need to have a permit to enter
boats without this permit to enter will be fined
how much is it to register and how much is the fine?
“Any boat operators found feeding the fish, disturbing marine life or dumping untreated waste-water into the sea will be fined and their permits canceled. I would like them to be friends with our natural resources and to let damaged areas recover as soon as possible,” said Mr Mana.

Ladies - don't tell the doctor you have

Aphrodite - another katoey cabaret - a soft opening...
who got the tickets?

Thailand's biggest musical fountain at Sapan Hin?
Is a dancing fountain worth it?
it was not working on 11th Oct 2011?

Be careful - Phuket Noodles are dangerous - hot and spicy food!

no wonder it was closed, too many?

ya bah
Taking marketing to a new level... 

White tuk tuk with prices on.
so not painted white they have no guide?

The Chinese (or Italians) do not get a water safety pamphlet
too late for the person of that descent?
but where is it?

For more information or to obtain pamphlets from the OrBorJor, contact the Tourism and Sports Department at 076 217 087.
Who does this?

Laem Panwa Fishing Competition

looks like he had a 'bite' already...
I visited this last year and the locals were very accommodating again offering a chair and coffee to me whilst I tried to take some photographs.

The locals left from the local aquarium on Saturday the 29th of October with their Fishing Rods, their Red Bull and Mekhong and their enthusiasm.

They were not expected back until Sunday the 30th of October with their catches...

Watch this space...

Xtreme Adventure Charity Day

We had wanted to visit Xtrem Adventures...

This morning was a little bit different from a usual Sunday morning, no paperwork and no sumptuous breakfast – Xtreme Adventures Phuket for Jemma, Pea Nut, Deang and me.

We arrived early and were swiftly moved along with Pea Nut donning the gear and Jemma crossing the bridge 

After crossing the bridges Jemma found the kid's area - which was more fun...

We will certainly visit Xtrem Adventure again!
 (next time Jemma wants the whole gear!!!)

some photos (not all)

click above for location

Phuket's deadliest roads... another reason why I don't drive here...

streets of Phuket

Having experienced the roads in Phuket I would like to know why the Thep Rd. is described as 
Phuket's Deadliest Road
does this mean that there is a list somewhere?

I have started a list and map...

then again I do not drive here...

Gazette News report - photo courtesy of
But this was the road on Patong Hill (20/10/11)

Xtrem Adventure Charity Day

Maybe able to make this Charity Day on Sunday...

Thank you to 

Tim in Phuket's map of Phuket

View tim in Phuket in a larger map

After browsing through a number of websites for inspiration I found Phuket Photo Blog had used Google Maps to create a functional map.

I found that creating this map was very interesting, do you have any comments?

Panwa Beach Garden Spa NOW Bhavana Addiction Treatment Centre

A place around the corner (it was Phuket Garden and Spa) looked after our needs - the massage for a pulled muscle was perfect, the steam room was perfect and the food was okay.

My daughter and I used to play on the muddy beach chasing crabs or cicadas and then had an ice cream and a coffee.

Last week we casually went down the road and were denied access - it is now;

"Bhavana Addiction Treatment Centre, an international center of excellence for addiction treatment and recovery."

from Bhavana web site - where is this?
The buildings look very similar to those previous but I was denied access.

I hope that the people are cared for and if we are denied access to the inside then the people inside are not a threat to the local people and they are denied supervised access outside?

The Vegetarian Festival (5th Oct)

The evening started with me getting kitted out - I needed – hat, towel, earplugs, glasses, tripod, camera, phone and faith in something.

As I prepared myself I could hear the fireworks in the distance – I took a quick breather at Siam Indigo and entered the route.

The blessing tables were set up in the streets, people were gathered around them and the route and were casually throwing the fireworks into the streets and there were only cars in the road.

The noise and chanting began and we saw the Chinese Shrines being carried on the shoulders of others and then the smoke and fireworks began for real.

I followed the procession with excitement and tried to photograph as much as I could – but gave up because nothing could reflect the experience.  

In all this commotion there were still people being blessed.

I put my camera away, took up some Joss sticks 
and joined them in their walk to Sapan Hin.

At Sapan Hin a paper shrine was made and we all waited.  At the correct time the paper shrine was lit and the spirits left the bodies of some people or left on a boat.

By this time I had forgotten all about taking photographs - 
apart from my dirty clothes.

Fabulous – I am glad that there were no people hurt.

They trusted and believed?

Would I go again – Absolutely but next year I will attend the last day as well.

NOTE: there was a casualty, a man with an existing heart conditioned 
died of too much smoke inhalation.

check out the video!