Procession - The Vegetarian Festival 2011

The Festival had started 3 days previously but I had been unable to attend – instead I read Jamie's blog about his experiences.

On arriving in Phuket Town at 6 am I was surprised by the quietness of it all – until I walked to Bang Neow Shrine in Phuket Town.  There were a great amount of people being pierced and / or possessed.

The procession began and I followed the route of pierced / possessed people and watched tongues being cut and possessed having a break - and met Gianna (from a superb Italian restaurant opposite - La Gaetana).

Following the festival parade carefully I then heard the echoes of firecrackers – I quickly followed the sound and was soon wrapped up in the emotion (and more firecrackers) of organised pandemonium – FABULOUS.

During these processions many people invited the possessed to their offering tables - I was blessed a number of times and receiving gifts and fruit from the possessed, I felt very special.

Coffee was needed so I stopped at Le Circle coffee before joining the 2011 Photowalk photo team at Bakery 154 @ Royal Phuket City.

Notes: They stopped pipe burying in Phuket Town for the Vegetarian Festival

- a sensible idea, high season?

- are they going to use an ATM?
- are they going to be taxed?