Procession - The Vegetarian Festival 2011

I took some visitors to Phuket to watch this spectacle and was pleased to see many of them did not believe what they saw as we approached the Clocktower Circle in Phuket Town.

The procession was moving and there was a mixture of male and female Ma Songs in the parade.  The atmosphere was electric and of course the chanting was almost 'drug' inducing (and legal).

I was asked a plethora of questions that I could not answer BUT

1) Why do they do this – pierced or possessed?
They have a fear of the future and wish to prolong their lives OR they have been chosen for their moral properties?

2) Why the firecrackers and SO loud?
The louder the noise then the evil spirits are driven further away.

3) Why the pain?
By being chosen by the gods the possessed will have supernatural powers and are able to torture themselves to move the evil from others to the gods who will no longer possess them… quite an unselfish act really.

4) It must hurt!!!
Not if you have stuck to the 10 rules … and they know