The Vegetarian Festival (5th Oct)

The evening started with me getting kitted out - I needed – hat, towel, earplugs, glasses, tripod, camera, phone and faith in something.

As I prepared myself I could hear the fireworks in the distance – I took a quick breather at Siam Indigo and entered the route.

The blessing tables were set up in the streets, people were gathered around them and the route and were casually throwing the fireworks into the streets and there were only cars in the road.

The noise and chanting began and we saw the Chinese Shrines being carried on the shoulders of others and then the smoke and fireworks began for real.

I followed the procession with excitement and tried to photograph as much as I could – but gave up because nothing could reflect the experience.  

In all this commotion there were still people being blessed.

I put my camera away, took up some Joss sticks 
and joined them in their walk to Sapan Hin.

At Sapan Hin a paper shrine was made and we all waited.  At the correct time the paper shrine was lit and the spirits left the bodies of some people or left on a boat.

By this time I had forgotten all about taking photographs - 
apart from my dirty clothes.

Fabulous – I am glad that there were no people hurt.

They trusted and believed?

Would I go again – Absolutely but next year I will attend the last day as well.

NOTE: there was a casualty, a man with an existing heart conditioned 
died of too much smoke inhalation.

check out the video!