Phuket News June 2012

now we are safe?

A Russian dies in a notorious Rip...
American Kite surfer dies off Nai Harn Beach
Are there signs? Yes...
Surin Beach wall is 'ripped to shreds'
and you need a sign in 7 different languages?
and new safety measures?

only one tourist stung though?

The mystery of Phuket and it's black sands
not seen this...

English needs teaching to residents of Phuket
I did plan teaching lessons for staff at the hotel..

Illegal beach restaurant found on Tri Trang Beach
couldn't have much good - it never made TripAdvisor

Lee Aldhouse's extradition is postponed for his solicitors 'to fully prepare'
and 2 years is not enough?
What more can be added to murder?

Patong Hill needs repairs
and the people need to pay
what about the people who dug  away the sides?
Patong tunnel by 2017
but the road is falling apart?
we shall go the other way.

how long is the meeting?

English needs teaching to residents of Phuket
I did plan teaching lessons for staff at the hotel..

iPads etc rotting the brain
same as the TV..

Alcohol is banned for the period before elections 
the fine is 1,000 Baht

Thai children and teachers receive tablets (after the initial ones were refused)
see the article above
aren't there more important things for our families?

TV / Satellite operators fined for not broadcasting football...
glad I have no wish to watch any TV

Crackdown on Hookah bars
not seen any of these, I do not go in the right places...

A red flag means DO NOT SWIM

I took a trip to Nikita's for a pizza last week and I was shocked that there were people in the water when there were a plethora of red flags along the beach.

I took some photographs and we took the opportunity to teach Jemma about what the red flag means when it is on the beach - Jemma did listen, we played in the sand 

and had a great pizza at Nikita's and Som Tam - a good mix, do you know where you can get a Som Tam pizza?

ATM machines and advertising

image from marc - permission requested
I have read and posted here about scammers at ATM machines and ATM machines which are hacked and the unwitting tourist loses a lot of money.

The I read about the Thai ATM machine which does not release the cash point card until the user replies to a question on the screen.

Then I read that the system in Thailand to take your cash is 

1) Take your receipt
2) Remove your money
3) Remove your card

in the West the system commonly is 

1) Remove your card or Remove your money

2) Remove your money or Remove your card
3) Remove your receipt

Don't use ATM's in Phuket...

Tiger Temples - a right or a wrong?

A recent post by CNN International revolved around the issue of the Tiger Temples in Thailand which have so many overseas visitors and receive so much publicity.

I have not visited any of these places so I do not feel that I able to speak from experience BUT I would comment that I am not sure that they represent the future for the Tiger.

I would say that the treatment in Phuket Zoo is atrocious though and my review has been rejected twice by Tripadvisor.

I would also add that the gibbons that have been held in captivity and after my visits to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Camp in the Khap Phra Thaeo National Park I understand that they do have difficulties re-integrating the animals back into the wild.

I urge everyone to make a comment.

What is this?

I keep seeing this bottle of something and 
I am not clear as to what it actually is?

No I would not try it - would you?

Panoramio and Google Maps

View tim in Phuket in a larger map

I take a plethora of photographs and try to organise them but am not really successful in managing the photographs so I made a blog of my photographs which I liked.

As I was surfing on the net (not the waves) I was directed to a website where you were able to upload a photograph and then link it to a map which would enable you to connect the picture and the map together.

This started with Google Maps and I have found Panoramio easy to use and they are simple to integrate with one another - then Google mapped Phuket!!

My biggest hits is: Banana Beach 723 Hits on Panoramio (22/5/20112)

I now no longer have to create a map to indicate where the restaurant was or the 'location' but can place my photograph in the correct place.



Phuket Travel Secrets

Your Phuket Travel Stories

Do you have some interesting Phuket Travel Stories to tell?

Phuket is a great holiday destination, offering a great variety of things to do and memories to take home.

Everyone's experience is different and although you may walk the same road, shop in the same markets, drink at the same bar or take part in the same activities, you will have an individual story to tell.
If you have a special Phuket story to tell we would love to hear about them. Your story can be about anything that made your holiday memory a special experience or a nightmare.

This site is a site where people can stories about their trips to Phuket, I posted about our visit to Xtreme Adventure Park - have a look :-)

There are also details about hotels, hospitals, things to do, Krabi....

Countdown - Australia in 10 days

We have started packing for a fortnight's holiday in Australia, tried to find an App to help me pack (but too many) and nothing beats that scrap of paper... but I haven't left the iPad in my pocket and it ended up in the Washing Machine.

What do I really need?
 - warm clothes...

Things to do when it rains.2

Okay - after being asked this (more than once) I am going to write up a number of things that I do. So what did we do yesterday?

2. Go to the cinema.
There are currently 3 cinemas in Phuket to choose from - Central / Jungceylon / Robinson.
Phone No: SFX Coliseum Cinema Phuket 076 209 000
                SFC Jungceylon Phuket 076 600 555

How about the App for the SF cinema timetables?

Things to do when it rains.1

Okay - after being asked this (more than once) I am going to write up a number of things that I do. So what did we do yesterday?

1. Go to the dentist.
A local dentist near to King Rama IV park.
Phone No: 076 222 579

When it rains in phuket?

My day off and it certainly is raining where I am - I think that I am staying inside for the day...

Or what is on at the cinema?

Or are there more apps that I can load??

What does a red flag mean?

Lasst year (2011) I posted two blogs about what a red flag means when it is on the beach.

On Saturday 2nd of June we visited two beaches, Kata Beach and Karon Beach - both had a red flag.

"Beach closed - do not enter water"

but I suppose that it means that the water is good for surfing?

Windguru is the site to tell you where to surf...

National Youth Games - Sailing @ Ao Yon

Ao Yon is close to my home so I thought that I would make a visit in the morning 
to see the children 'cast off'.

I arrived at Phuket Youth Sailing around the corner from Ao Yon beach and all the children were waiting patiently for the flag to be raised and they could begin. It was a lovely morning with some wind (enough for their boats I believe).  The Royal Thai Navy set out first and were followed by a steady stream of children in their own boats - I was suitably impressed.

Congratulations to all of those who took part - here are some photographs.

Thank you to Phuket Youth Sailing and Phuket Aquarium who organized and hosted this special event for the National Youth Games.

View Beaches in Phuket in a larger map

Visakha Bucha Day

with Cape Phromthep in the distance
Today (Monday 4th June) is a Thai public holiday to celebrate Visakha Bucha Day.

Here was my celebration in 2011.

Phuket News May 2012

now I understand why a neighbour had them all removed from outside his property, I was told that they made too much noise!?

Phuket underpass plans unveiled
and the road to Patong collapse in the rain?
the photo looks very similar to road broken in October 2011
is it the same piece?

Karon Beach war between the Thai and the Cambodians peddling...
Why? - surely they need a work permit if they are foreign?

Bangla touts - hands off at Bangla Road
not sure that this will work... 

Cape Panwa Hotel is going to take care of Phuket Raceweek   

Cat's eyes (reflective road studs)
Street Lamps
are a good idea to prevent accident in Phuket roads
nuff said

An earthquake drill to calm fears
- were there any people who thought that it was real

The sea at Kata / Karon has had a drowning of a tourist

A new twist on drug taking - Rehabilitation camps
hope it is a step in the right direction

Will an underpass outside Central Festival really be a good idea?
What do you think?
What about flooding?

Soi Bangla void of lewd behaviourno nude shows / no ping-pong shows
shhhh - don't tell the tourist.

Hurrah - the lifeguards are back :-)
but don't go swimming before 9am!

English Language Skills of people in the Tourism Industry?
What do you think?

Gem Heist thieves are International Felons
with all that Immigration paperwork?

More scams over the Internet!
this was quite a shock but then I don't buy things that I haven't seen
 from persons I don't know.

A motorbike death...

Historically significant beads are found and the villagers hope for recognition regarding their significance.
"Archeological site to be saved for Eco-Tourism"
Why eco-tourism and not simply historical?

A sea gypsy cultural centre to be completed.
I would visit it :-)

Tour bus plummets backwards off Patong Hill
but no casualties so nothing extra to the map

so when do we get the message that if you are a teacher over 30 there's no tablet.

Police confirm that the DNA reporting implicating the Norwegian in the Dosket case is "just a formality"
What is a 'just a formality' in a murder case involving a farang in Thailand?

I did not know you could exchange recyclable trash for eggs!
Where in Phuket?

A quarrel in Thai Parliment leads to a Hitler Salute by the politician.

American fugitive in Phuket faces deportation to US.
With all my paperwork to enter how did this happen?
Only faces deportation - is there a way out?

A motorbike accident near Wat Kata - leading to deaths.
but then I read that Burmese had a curfew?

48,000 Baht from an exchange booth stolen - not just the skimmers!
use a bank!!

50% discount for schooling at British International School
IF you buy a condo!!!!!
am I just cynical?