Cape Panwa Hotel Teddy Bears around the world.

Here they are on a trip
I have decided to take a teddy bear on the journeys that I take and then will take a photo of them where I visited and then put them here.

Then a boat ride
Here they are on a boat rode to Koh Sichang.

The list should continue to grow...

Pokemon Go in Phuket

Whilst visiting Bangkok recently I understood the attention that the media has been going Pokemon Go!

image from the Bangkok Post
In Bangkok there were people playing this game everywhere.

Then seeing the sign for the Metro really made it clear "Be careful on the Train Platform". Does this mean that there have been accidents?

Then we went to Hua Hin and saw more people playing the same game!

Then there are articles in the newspapers - articles from the Bangkok Post. Since then I did download the App again but am still confused (but I am Level 5).

and late at night...

A trip to Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang is a small island of the cost of Thailand I left from Sri Racha on the boat. 

Here's where you get your ticket.

The journey was about 20 minutes and cost me 50 Baht.

Arriving in Koh Sichang I was immediately struck with the transport arrangements - I do not think that I have ever seen this type of vehicle previously.

I immediately wanted to see the places which I could see whilst on the ferry. We took off to take my suitcase to Somewhere where I would be staying.

I immediately took the taxi and went on a tour of the island.

The first stop was ศาลเจ้าพ่อเขาใหญ่ - this was certainly a special place to visit - a Chinese Shrine in the hills accessible by a tram (which wasn't working on that day).

After climbing up the stairs.

Quite a view from up here!

Then there was a visit to the summer palace of Rama V - a beautiful place to escape to.

There is a lot to see here OR have a wedding photograph here?

Then it was time for a coffee - Flower Blu Cafe & BistroThen back to Somewhere to unpack, shower and change....

Then off again - my first stop was the Yellow Buddha (หลวงพ่อเหลือง ถ้ำจักรพงษ์) which was up a long  steep hill (actually it was above the Chinese Shrine).

Then back in the motorbike to visit the Buddha's Footprint.

Then a climb up some steps to reach a beautiful viewpoint.

Then a visit to the Vashiravut Bridge 

and crossing it to watch the sunset at the Viewpoint!  

Then back to Somewhere and The Verandah and some e-san sausages - delicious.

Then a quick dip 

and a cocktail whilst the sunset.

I am certainly going to visit Somewhere and Koh Sichang again - I found out that there was more to see...

Por Tor Festival 2016

It is believed by some of the Phuket Community that the spirits of our dead ancestors will visit them once a year on Earth.

I always like to visit during this period - I took a break in the  air conditioning at

การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย(ททท.) Tourism Authority Of Thailand Phuket office - thanks for the information.

The parade started from the 'Dragon Park' - there were a lot of people their - all waiting for something to happen - and it did.

The music started and the parade began - a lot of carefully made up girls and boys all wearing something special and many carrying a 'turtle cake'.

The turtles are covered in red icing and are made locally – much like the ‘Mooncakes’. The turtles are bright red because in this tradition this is the colour of ‘good luck’. The shape of the cake is a turtle because this symbolises ‘long life’.

Then the fun began.

The firecrackers were lit and it was extremely noisy!

The Red Turtles however will be taken into the Car Park above the enclosed Local Market. 

Here the Car Park was full of tables with food prepared for the spirits – whole roasted pig, deep fried duck, red Fanta drinks, carved fruits and more red turtle cakes!

There was a traditional tea ceremony - wonderful.

It was a great day for me - followed by coffee at Phuketique and then lunch at Downtown Kao-Kaeng.

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Premium Street Food (Bangkok)

Premium Street Food.

This is certainly a double entendre?
Well not in Bangkok apparently...

Poster from Amazing Thailand.

Location, location, location and TripAdvisor

I have to admit to not reading much in TripAdvisor any longer but I did read this one - funny that the title was the same in the two 'titled' reviews - 

one was somewhere adjacent to the beach in Koh Yao Noi
Koh Yao Beach Bungalows 

and the other in Bangkok.
Cape House.

Miss Australia at Cape Panwa Hotel

This was certainly a different day of the staff of Cape Panwa Hotel - a morning on the boat with the Miss World Australia 2016 and runner ups.

What a happy group they were. First the photographs and the necessary contacts on their telephones.

Here was my Instagram Post.

This was Miss World Australia 2014.

Then the Floating Pillows came out...

Then I found that I was in the reflection of the sunglasses.

Time for a bite to eat. Then a visit to Lone Island - a great place, nobody was there.

Then a play in the water.

Then a run.

And a Group Hug (before it rained)

Thank you for choosing to stay at Cape Panwa Hotel.