Wang Dim Sum, Por Tor Kong, Brown Place, Tai Zhu and Swensens

The day started with being able to get to Jemma on school and watch 'How to Train your Dragon' - it was such a good feat that I decided to have breakfast in a new Dim Sum restaurant.

I chose this one because I was trying to find a restaurant for a guest but was unable to on my blog, excitedly I clicked on a link which came up through Google for a Dim Sum restaurant in Phuket Town - วัง ติ่ม ซำ  Wang Dim Sum first on the App mydestination.  The review will be coming soon...

 The there was a visit to a Por Tor Kong Chinese Shrine which is where I usually visit for the annual Por Tor Ceremony.

Then I wandered away and walked down the road where they are putting the concrete dragons around the pillars. Then past Koh Mor Mooncake Shop - which is currently a small restaurant.

After this I was in need of some coffee and was taken swiftly to a new Cafe - Brown Place - certainly a coffee place to be visited again. Feeling invigorated we went to buy a car, now not driving I took the easy option - tried a few levels of Candy Crush and did not do well.

So it was a visit to the Chinese Shrine Tai Zhu which relaxed me.

The day continued with us trying a water pump cleaner in our garden - I was swiftly relegated - so I watch The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

It was soon to pick up Jemma from school so off we zipped, picking up some shopping 

and had an ice cream on the way home...

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