Phuket Happenings - May 2014

Water supply problems over the whole island and then flash floods, a wonderful trip to Koh Yao, then a coup and then facebook crashed! I think that Chiang Mai is worth a visit again. Chiang Rai and an earthquake. An #instagram meet in Phuket Town.

Phuket Park Chief resigns over encroachment pressure 
- are you surprised?
- taxi mafia
- Prime Ministar forced out
- water truck mafia...

Sea Gypsies in Koh Sirey being given land to move to live 
- Is the 'private developer' correct or just, because they are not mentioned in this article OR what the 'private developer' would like to do?

Dredging of the two canals to the big Marina's halted - because of environmental concerns
- happy to know that Phuket cares about the environment
- somebody did not pay enough?
- who should be paying?
dredging has started again despite environmental concerns?
confused? so am I...

Illegal Wedding photographers found in Phuket Town 
- have I met them before?

- don't borrow money is the moral here...

- and the Iguana is taken care of :)?
- and the fine?

Phuket Park Chief resigns over the pressure
- are we getting a new Park Chief every six months?

A Russian tourist attacks and Australian Tourist and knocks his teeth out
strange but true?

Iguana Touts on Soi Bangla 
- guess you can find anything down this street?

First fatality because there were no lifeguards 
- I am sure this happened previously?
- I wonder if the people in the positions feel guilty?

Tesco - 'no plastic bag promotion'
- where will this start?

Please do not build a Patong Tunnel
- I am just not sure - Big Buddha Hill and Central Underpass?

Lifeguard problems with budgets in Phuket  
- just as the seas become rougher
- think that I have read this before?
- the timing of this - i think a change in the contract starting time is needed

but lifeguards are back now

Wat Rong Khun is damaged beyond repair after earthquake aftershock
- a very real shame 
" With the plethora of same same temples in Thailand this unique one gets ruined by an act of god."
 "Is someone up there trying to tell us something?"

Work Permit checks for Dive Industry 
- why this Industry?

Central Festival in Phuket introduces Ladies Only parking
- I guess I will have to jump out upstairs and meet them in Starbucks :)

British Expats living in Thailand may be able to have NHS treatment on visits to the UK
- and have the time changed?
- and have a consultant book with another consultant?
- to wait and then get the appointment changed?
- but my doctor here is great?
- sorry but give me the cash and I will have treatment here :)

ATM skimming is a problem for tourists 
- so don't use the ATM outside, organise yourself and do not get money for Absolute

Out-in Visa Run is dead 
- this is not against tourists but people who are working here illegally?
- so I am told

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