Coffee, Lunch, Flowers, Beach and Dinner

We had a late start today because we had to finish Mary Poppins.

We left and immediately I asked Chuen if we could stop at a Coffee Shop so we did - Happy Cake - strong Thai iced Coffee.

After this we drove to 'House 1' - adjacent to an Orchid Farm which charged 200 Baht to Tourists for a wander about inside.

Then we had lunch - delicious,

Following this we drove to the Ao Sen Beach and we got there by driving through Phuket Yacht Club - this was a little strange.

The beach was small - not very busy but the sand was very stoney.

Dinner was at the After Beach Bar - one of Jamie's favourite.

On the way home we stopped at a Salad and Coffee Shop, for a coffee and salad - we got home a little late after a lovely day off.

Coffee, lunch and Kata beach

This morning we started as we meant to go - investigating a new coffee shop - Tanmaling.

This was more of a furniture shop / art gallery than a simple coffee shop - but the cappuccino was good. We were too early for cakes though but it was just out simple Phuket Town and is next to 'Antigue Store' and is 4square.

Following this we chose to visit a popular noodle shop - Mee Ton Poe in Phuket town - delicious.

After this we visited Circle Coffee Boutique for a Cappucino and Banoffe pie - delicious.

We took Jemma from school to Kata beach
met some friends and had a wonderful time.

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Phuket Bicycle Ride - 20 Jan2013

Gooooood morning was the way that I started this morning. With two cups of very sweet Thai Coffee I was ready and prepared for the Phuket Bicycle Ride (thanks for lending me your husband's bicycle Daeng). 

We started at the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Phuket Old Town - I arrived in the dark to a great many Thai people - families and more, a lovely environment.

I was made to feel welcome by the staff - given a coffee, a T-Shirt and some Dim Sum - I was ready. We were welcomed by some Phuket Officials - sorry I do not know their names.

The whistle was blown and we were off... I tried to take some photographs and make some tweets whilst I was cycling but it was a little awkward.

I did sent an App called Cyclemeter as I was waiting for us to begin - it was great but I am not sure how it all works but it seems like fun and more for those who are serious about their bicycle - I will review it here later.

The journey was simple and the car drivers were all polite and half way took us to Phuket Aquarium where there was a short break before the journey continued but I went to work - maybe I should start cycling to work again? 

(Here is a link to the 2010 Bicycle Ride)

Sure Filter and correct disposal

After cleaning the beach this morning I was incensed with the fuel parts which I found.

I have contacted the manufacturing company Sure Filter.

Email adress (Bangkok) - 

Email address (USA) -

Email address H.Q (U.S.A) - 

What do you think?

This was their reply? 

What do you think?

Children's Day in Phuket and more

The last time that we visited Vichit Park (ศูนย์ออกกําลังกาย) it certainly was busy but there was no where near as many balloons as there were here today!

There was a plethora of activities for the children but I was taken by the Traditional Sword Dancing on a stage. This reminded me of a Tweet by Richard Barrow regarding the contribution of the Military on this special day.

We did not last long and we headed for Laem Ka beach - a small beach where we have visited previously. Now this beach is not the most obvious beach to find - in fact I thought that we were going in the wrong direction.

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We enjoyed ourselves on the beach and Jemma found a number of children to play with - it was not until we went for a swim that I remembered that it was very rocky - so remember - swim carefully.

Then the wedding brigades arrived 

along with speed boats full of tourists - not the right mix I would imagine. I like the weddings which we do at  Cape Panwa.

After seeing three of these and running out of sticky rice and chicken we left to join Olivier at The Beach Bar where we also met Jamie 

The deep fried fish in lemon grass was wonderful and the company was always a pleasure. A wonderful day off.

Happy Children's Day

Little brown bottles on the beach

I have had enough of cleaning the beach - today was a plastic bag with a dirty nappy in!

But my crusade today is those dirty little brown 'medicinal bottles' - not actually sure what is in them BUT
these companies should support beach clean ups.



or help make a temple of a million bottles - here's one from beer bottles - 
how about Energy Drinks?

Can you help?

Phuket Old Town - a very real MUST.

Well this is still the winner if you are going to visit Phuket - below is their facebook link

i have written an outline for the guest
You can choose to follow their 'footstep guide' or you could contact Phuket Heritage Trail for a guided tour - both are wonderful choices.

Nikita's, The Beach Bar and more

Jemma's friend Mantana (with daddy Olivier) came to play last week with goodness knows how many Christmas presents - we ended up making pom pom toys.

We then we had lunch at Nikita's in Rawai - fab pizza's for the children.

Then we watched the cartoon Tarzan (again) and we ended up at The Beach Bar for dinner - meeting Jamie and his family and watched the sun come down.

A great day... but we missed the local Halal Food Festival
(next time)

Christmas in Phuket

Our Christmas was wonderful - it started with presents from Father Christmas being opened and then we watched Tarzan (for a break) and then back to Father Christmas.

Then it was time for some painting and we were shocked - it was time for lunch....

The Mangrove Hotel helped us out with this one where we had lunched, played Angry Bird Star Wars and then we had a swim.

Dinner was taken at Salvatore's in Phuket Town

Happy New Year....

Phuket News - December 2012

Well I am glad that we did not drive past this!

images courtesy: Phuket Gazette

A picture says so much...
Physics exists in Phuket too

Murdered and unidentified foreigner found tied up on Patong Hill
any suspects?

and the land park deals which are shady - no comment

Arson on a Phuket beach...
Think that there must be a lot of money involved OR?

Phuket Police are to use Smart phones  
AND who is going to buy them?

Karon Beach touts hit hard
unless you sell fruit or give a massage - work that out?

and the Dusit Laguna baby elephant...
returned to their mother
but the Dusit indicate - "elephant acquired in good faith" - who's faith?

Paris Hilton - is she coming or not? 
who needs to be paid?
Yes Paris is coming...
who was paid?
but is it a scam?
But some business people still object 
now Paris is NOT coming
Bad Vibes in Patong after move from Surin...
what next?
then rules...
and what happened?

Leatherback Turtle eggs found in wild 
maybe making a come back?

Motorbikes call for calm over billing tourists 
Please don't let the motorbikes start join in

Nepal's former Prince charged with destruction of property and drug use 
another reason not to imbibe 

Phang Nga - Oil Palms are removed so that natural trees can be planted
- i did not know that the oil palms were so destructive.

Kata beach roped off for safe swimming 
- a good idea...
but does everyone understand?

Public Transport is the way forward in Phuket 
and what do the taxi drivers think?

Aldhouse - 'pitbull' - returns and pleads for manslaughter
the other man threw himself on his knife?

Phuket Airport Bus is 'forced off the road' 
by necessary repairs 
or something else?
An interesting choice of words to describe this...

Samui and Phang Nga without power for 2 days 
and this cannot be stopped because?
could we harness Solar Energy?

Then a death on the school run...
the tragedy continues...
BUT Pegas tell us that 

A company representative at tour company Pegas Touristik denied any responsibility for the accident.

“We do not own the vehicles or employ the people who drive them,” she said. 

was this the company then?
(same vehicle as above)
Or is there somebody else?

the driver has been found and will be charged    

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