Coffee, Lunch, Flowers, Beach and Dinner

We had a late start today because we had to finish Mary Poppins.

We left and immediately I asked Chuen if we could stop at a Coffee Shop so we did - Happy Cake - strong Thai iced Coffee.

After this we drove to 'House 1' - adjacent to an Orchid Farm which charged 200 Baht to Tourists for a wander about inside.

Then we had lunch - delicious,

Following this we drove to the Ao Sen Beach and we got there by driving through Phuket Yacht Club - this was a little strange.

The beach was small - not very busy but the sand was very stoney.

Dinner was at the After Beach Bar - one of Jamie's favourite.

On the way home we stopped at a Salad and Coffee Shop, for a coffee and salad - we got home a little late after a lovely day off.

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