Phuket Bicycle Ride - 20 Jan2013

Gooooood morning was the way that I started this morning. With two cups of very sweet Thai Coffee I was ready and prepared for the Phuket Bicycle Ride (thanks for lending me your husband's bicycle Daeng). 

We started at the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Phuket Old Town - I arrived in the dark to a great many Thai people - families and more, a lovely environment.

I was made to feel welcome by the staff - given a coffee, a T-Shirt and some Dim Sum - I was ready. We were welcomed by some Phuket Officials - sorry I do not know their names.

The whistle was blown and we were off... I tried to take some photographs and make some tweets whilst I was cycling but it was a little awkward.

I did sent an App called Cyclemeter as I was waiting for us to begin - it was great but I am not sure how it all works but it seems like fun and more for those who are serious about their bicycle - I will review it here later.

The journey was simple and the car drivers were all polite and half way took us to Phuket Aquarium where there was a short break before the journey continued but I went to work - maybe I should start cycling to work again? 

(Here is a link to the 2010 Bicycle Ride)

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