Flowers in Phuket - Suanluang florist

Flowers in Phuket are plentiful and in Thailand they can be beautiful.

Rung market in the morning in Phuket Town (behind Robinsons) has a great many flowers to choose from and it is always interesting to visit there (see map here).

Sometimes though you want something special - for the temple for example. Now some popular Buddhist Temples (for example Wat Chalong) have people inside the grounds making these flowers for offerings.

For me though I wanted a bouquet for my beautiful wife and I always choose Suanluang Flower shop because I had my first flowers from the when my wife was only my girlfriend.

So I like to do this.

Apps for your holiday to Thailand

Just found this on Facebook - I have downloaded each one and if you are driving through Thailand they could be useful.

More Apps for visiting Thailand can be read here.

Thai Coach travel + U.S.A Tube travel

So what do these two things have in common with each other?

I received both on Tweets which I follow - I don't usually get things like this though!?

Did the driver fall asleep?

Then this looked like an entertain ride on the subway?

The best congee - ก๋วยจั๊บป้าไหม สวนหลวง

The best congee