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Quadcopters, Phuket and the Andaman Sea

The furore of the New Year has begun to subside so I thought I would have a play with the Quadcopter.

Wow - it worked - i went to Nai Harn beach and I could hover the Quadcopter and now I was able to rotate it - this was a very real result.

Too many people so I chose to try another beach... Sirinart National Park.

This was magnificent, the water was a little rough but I was on the sand. I remembered my #Quadcopter lessons on twitter and found some broken cement for a flat surface and 


up it flew - fabulous, i was on a wave and it went high above the trees.....

and a gust of wind tossed it sideways and it rotated in midair - obviously my controls did not work OR it was upside down? It kept going to the wrong way....

Stop everything... The Quadcopter plummeted into the Sea...

Running into the water I picked it out as swiftly as possible....

Returning to the car the phone worked and the Quadcopter still responded....

BUT then the copter blades (1 set) began to rotate after a phone call was received?

Then my phone did not work... oh dear... watch this space.

Hand guns and killing

The amount of killings that I read about by a gun is getting worse.

There should be more regulation with the ownership of guns 
- then I see this poster - where is Thailand on this list?


Map of Phuket Buddhist Wats

There are a great many Buddhist Wats in Phuket To visit (and the rest of Thailand) - here are some of them. More maps of Phuket can be found on Google or here.

Guess Who? and much more

Guess Who Aliens!

This is a fabulous game which I have played any number of times - recently finding an App for it as well!! It has served me well both as a teacher, a parent and just for fun - it serves wonderfully as a tool for Education that it is a shame that it is under used - but enough!


Stand on Sand

Protect our Coral Reefs...

Sea Walking on Coral Island?
DO NOT participate.

Was it worth it?