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The Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac is something that I have become very familiar with living in Asia over the last 15 years but sometimes I just never look close enough.

The wooden decoration above was on the side of a house at the bottom or Rang Hill in Phuket Town and the decoration below was on a wall at work!

There are 12 animals to the Western Zodiac and it seems similar with the Chinese Zodiac - but not all of the meanings are the same. This site discusses compatibility and social customs linked with the Chinese Zodiac.

There are always many App to download if you want to play more?

Climbing a Coconut Tree the traditional way

Climbing a Coconut Tree the traditional way involves some rope, co-ordination, stamina and strength.

The gentleman in the photographs has climbed the Coconut Trees ever since I came to work at Cape Panwa Hotel and he is still visiting us. 

 The skill that this man has is incredible. The point that I find the most interesting is the fact that we do not see this in many places at all in Phuket - what I see more usual is a
 monkey on a chain.

Congratulations to this man who is able to do this.

Where to take a picture in Phuket

So where are some of Phuket's most Photogenic Places?

Star Wars, Superman, Monsters University and Tesco

We have visited Tesco any number of times - witnessing a recent make-over.

Imagine my pleasure when whilst I was looking for a new shirt in UNIQLO in Tesco.

Star Wars had arrived in Phuket - The Force was here.

Then there was the Monster University!

After all of these I then walked around to the end and found that one of the smaller shops was a Superman Shop.

Any orders can be taken for Christmas and which one?

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Loy Krathong 2014

The Loy Krathong Festival is something that seems to have as many stories about it as there are Provinces in Thailand - the stories of Loy Krathong are numerous and I understand that they are all open to interpretation.

So make your own choices.

Loy Krathong started the day before when we prepared our Krathongs using only natural products. The next day was the preparation of our daughter for her day at school - her traditional Thai dress is found...

My day began in the evening when I was an MC at Cape Panwa Hotel

We have a Miss Noppamas contest between the staff and I have little to no idea as to who they are!

then a Local Acrobatic Show

Pong-Lang dancing 

releasing the Loy Krathongs

releasing the Spirit Balloons.

Then we left to release our own Krathong in the local village - wonderful.

For information try here: 
Thailand Life - written by the Thailand Culture Commission.
Wikipedia - Loy Krathong
Thai World View - Loy Krathong
and so much, much more.

 1) Loy Krathong at Cape Panwa Hotel 2009