Phatthalung - Day 1

We arrived in Hua Hin and drove to Phatthalung arriving late 

we stopped at the roadside local restaurant - ร้านเจ๊น้อย สาขา2.

We chose then to stay at the Sitthinard Grandview Hotel

There was a lovely view.

It was Makha Bucha Day so we visited a temple early in the morning to pay respect.

Then out for breakfast - some local Dim Sum at ขนมจีบศิริชัย - it was delicious.

Then we visited the local market at the Mueang Phatthalung Circle

then the bird singing competitions.

The next visit was Thalae Noi Viewpoint

with a temple and a wonderful view.

Then leaving we here we came across Thalenoi Floating Market - translated into a pond full of water?

Had a nice drink there...

This was transformed when we visited Thalae Noi: Lake and Scenic Lookout.

Which was really quite beautiful and full of tourists from Thailand - a place definitely worth stopping.

As we left the area we crossed bridges where there suspended fishing nets.

  Then we visited Sampaothai - where there was a gorilla pulling a ship in a rice field...

We had a walk around.

Then we had a bite to eat.

We then went for a drive - crossing the very long Phansa Bridge

where we saw the abandoned spooky house...

and wondered whether we would take an early boat the next day?

Then off to find a cafe - beautifully set 

next to a road and in a rice field

with a beautiful back drop - nice food as well. Then back to the Sitthinard Grandview Hotel

Wat Saun Phlu - วัดสวนพลู

Wat San Phlu is a temple which I came across when I took the 'John Bush' Walk. I could find very little about it when I was there BUT then so did an Internet Review from 'Bangkok for Visitors'. It is a small temple within the streets of Bangkok and it is also very small!

There is quite clearly a lot of history behind the construction of the temple and there is much of it made by wood.  

And the decoration on the roof is wonderful and loved after!

Then inside there is a reclining Buddha - a wonderful spot to find if you are in Bangkok.


Teenage pregnancy in Thailand

Doing statistics at school this is a great amount of pregnancies here...

Caturday Cafe

Caturday Cat Cafe is somewhere that I came across because I had been to other Pet Cafe in Bangkok with my daughter.

We did miss the turning so watch out for this sign.

And it is exactly that - it is a Cafe that is also full of cats.

I have to admit that this was not my choice.

The coffee was surprisingly good and the cafe was packed.

My daughter and cousin loved the visit.

#coronavirus in Bangkok

There has been a lot written and more spoken about the Corona Virus in Bangkok - this was posted recently by Richard Barrow.

There is a lot of worry about this - posters are going up where I work...

But we are told not to worry - are you worried?

Would you do this?

Lord of Coffee

Lord of Coffee is somewhere close so 

when we take to bicycles out we like to stop here.

Always a lovely drink this time we had cappuccino and an iced white chocolate.

Very nice (again) - thank you. 

Previous Visits

Phone Number: 088 883 2324
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 159/18 Sammakorn Vil. Soi Ramkhamheang 
Hours: 6:30am - 5pm