COVID in Bangkok - our lives

It's lockdown here in Bangkok.

We are using Seesaw to teach the children - just had the first full week.

Still wondering where it came from... 

Cooking a lot - and buying lots of food to cook - local sellers are still about.

A lot of GRAB and FoodPanda are the most popular.

The the App telling me that it is getting worse.

How long will this last... 

A trip to Pattaya

Picked up after school on a Friday and we were swiftly off to Pattaya. The roads were not busy but there was one car with it's motor on fire.

Then the one with a flat tyre which was still driving.

This truck looked like it was carrying a lot but I imagine that the boxes were empty?

Not sure what this temple was in the distance but it looked impressive.

The we were off to find a hotel and we looked at some enormous buildings with absolutely no character and many of them were closed...

On the recommendation of a friend we chose to stay at Navana Nature Escape and it was a small place and it was kept in very good order with an impressive character - we would certainly stay there again. 

The mirror made the room look big!

However the dinner was not very good and the Triple Mushroom soup was diluted - terrible. But the beach was lovely. We then went to Terminal 21 for a shopping trip - brought back a bath bomb for Jemma.

We had a late breakfast - which was superb!!

And then we went off to visit the Sanctuary of Truth, somewhere I had always wanted to visit - it was deserted and we decided we just wanted to have a look and not watch a show - and the cost was 500 Baht each - we left.

Noticing that we were not allowed to take a photo of the horses which you could have a ride on - would have thought they would be grateful of some money - there were two people waiting?

So back on to the road, with the usual flower garlands for sale

and today there were doughnuts as well, don't think that I have seen this before?

Then there were the motorbikes giving people a lift.

We tried to visit Khao Laem Pu Chao View Point but because I was a foreigner and there was military bases I was not allowed to get there to have a look.

Then we spotted a Wat Nong Chap Tao from the road - วัดหนองจับเต่า - with an enormous turtle in front. Certainly worth visiting if it is convenient.

BUT there was a lot of it which was not built - the inside of the temple was not finished for example.

Back on the road - this vehicle was leaning a lot - because it had had an accident and was being pulled.

We found a local restaurant with very good fresh Som Tam - เจ๊ระ ข้าวแกง-ก๋วยเตี๋ยวไข่กะลาNext time we will go to Cartoon Network Amazone.

Here's some advice for the Coronavirus.

This vehicle had enormous wheels - so it's mud guard was also enormous!

And for dinner it was Japanese at Sushi and Bar in Sammakorn.

Amphawa Floating Market

We have previously visited Amphawa Floating Market with family.

This time we were on our own and later in the day.

We did enjoy have a beer and a snack next to the river - but there was mostly food for sale here.

So it was worth coming and we did not spend a lot today.

We nearly took the trip to see the glowing insects but we had seen this on a previous visit somewhere....

Previous Trip 

Trok Mor Morning Market

Trok Mor Morning Market is a market which I visited in the morning on the Rattanoskin Walk.

If you are looking for a Thai Traditional Market then this is one that I can wholeheartedly recommend. On writing this I also read that the market has been endorsed by Travelfish. The market might be surrounded by tourist attractions but the market itself does not have any tourists down it.

A wonderful place and still authentic, I read that the families have a great deal of history.

I did stop for a bite to eat.

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A trip to Phuket

Arriving at Phuket Airport

we picked up a car and drove immediately to the nearby beach. 

Popping into a shop for some eye glasses - parking outside BS...

The aeroplanes were still very close when we were on Nai Yang Beach...

The weather was very good 

- but it was time for lunch at หนานหยวน​ บะหมี่เกี๊ยวกุ้ง​ สาขาถลาง​ (Nanyuan Noodle).

Then we drove through Phuket Old Town to find somewhere to stay for the night.

We eventually chose The Tint Hotel - very well located - so we went shopping and a walk

Found somewhere for dinner - Dotty Pizza and Grill.

Phuket is still a lovely place to visit....