Merry Christmas on Instagram

Wonderful - I found this image sometime back and it was lovely to see two people that had asked to borrow some bits from me use them - and this was not the only place...

Here is a record of some Christmas...
 2) Christmas in Phuket - 2013
 3) Christmas in Phuket - 2012
 4) Christmas in Phuket - 2011
 5) Christmas in Phuket - 2009
 6) Christmas in Phuket - 2015

Full Moon Party - ouch

There is another reason why not to go to the Full Moon parties now...

The Enigma returns in the night...

The Enigma was spotted of the beach at Cape Panwa Hotel and Spa - all be it very briefly. There certainly is a tale behind this super yacht.

LEGO Advent Calendar

This was a very popular Christmas gift in our house this year - coming very close to 
Series 2 of Scorpion.

But as I have thrown the box away I realise that I have lost all the instructions - so I have searched the Internet and found a number of sites with pictures of the set.

Thank you - but no instructions...

Images from 2016

So what was your favorite image from 2016?
This image is from a trip to Chaing Mai.

I have no idea how Facebook put this list together....