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Star Wars - The Force awakens


Having fun - think I'll watch a movie...

Dim Sum Restaurants in Phuket

Dim Sum Restaurants in Phuket is a relatively new thing for me to explore.

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A Quadcopter in Phuket

This Quadcopter belongs to a professional on holiday in Phuket - fabulous stuff and this was his holiday model! Dan Buck Joyce of Joy/Division.


This was taking off from Cape Panwa Hotel jetty - waiting for the edited video...

I can never find or catch - Cockroaches and Cicadas

So this is why I can never find a cicada - they are making such a noise but I can never seem to get very close to them!

"The World's noisiest Insect"

So this is why I can never seem to catch the cockroach that scares me....

"The fastest know runner in the Insect World".

All information from "I wonder why Spiders Spin Webs"
- Amazon