December - You know you have lived in Thailand when...

After moving to Bangkok I have become aware of things which are now normal to me because I live here – and subsequently a facebook site about this “You Know You've Lived In Thailand when.....” –   

so once a month I will contribute to this.

No longer are you surprised when there are motorbikes going the same way as the traffic but on the pavement...

Suvarnabhumi airport roof - how?


The woman, who was described as ‘foreign’ and aged between 20-30 refused to speak to rescue workers or give any explanation for the reasons behind her dangerous stunt.

While the woman was hanging from the cables rescue workers managed to install a large inflatable bed that would catch her if she were to fall - which is exactly what happened.

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With all the security how did the person get to the roof?

Merry Christmas from Bangkok

Central Embassy
Thailand likes to celebrate and no more so than Christmas.

Central World
Here are a few....

Gaysorn Village
Singing Christmas Carols...

Siam Paragon
Quite a spectacular Tree here

And inside was quite dramatic

some restaurants had some

Outside they looked good 

Cape House
and some covered their front!