Petit Peyton Traveloque Cafe

A great cup of coffee - please read the full review here.


Thai for traveling

This is certainly a good start...

Driving in Thailand - proposed measures

That is a very big change - do you think that this will happen?
I will not drive in Bangkok.


Harmonique was a wonderful find on a walking trip though Bangkok - John Bush and more.  

What an amazing place to find! Walking along the back streets and then a sign and an old building 

- time for a coffee then (next time food). 

It clearly has a lot of history to the restaurant and unfortunately I can find nothing. 

There is a tree growing in the building and the restaurant is very popular with the Chinese Tourist currently.

Definitely worth visiting to have a look at the number of historical artifacts which are scattered throughout the rooms.

Phone Number: 02 237 8175
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: No.22 Charoenkung 34 Alley
Hours: 11am - 10pm


Walking Routes in Bangkok 5 - Rattanoskin (++)

Route Five of the Walking Routes in Bangkok.

Stop 1: Mahakarn Fort is only one of the two original parts of the wall still standing in Bangkok and I read that it will be a National Park.

Stop 2: Loha Prasart is a fascinating building with in so much more, certainly at least half a day - it is a metal structure with a total of 37 spires - nickname - the 'metal castle'

Stop 3: The Giant Swing is certainly an interesting structure (built in 1784), it was originally used in an old Brahim ceremony but during the reign of Rama II the swing was damaged by lightning. 

Stop 4:  Wat Thepthidaram Worawiham is a Royal Temple built in the 1930's and is known for it's Buddhist statues - and there are a lot of them.

Stop 5: A Vishnu Temple in the middle of two roads is a special place to find.

Stop 6: Wat Suthat Theppwaram is another place which is not always on the Tour Guide - which means that it really is quite peaceful - with an Ordination Hall which is enormous, with a visit (were renovating it when I visited).

Stop 7:  A Hindu Temple (เทวสถานโบสถ์พราหมณ์) - peaceful temples but no photographs inside, worth visiting

Stop 8: Baan Mohawaan was a place where traditional Thai medicine was made in 1870 and this is now being done by their grandchildren - fascinating place to find

Stop 7:  Trok Hmoo Market - a traditional Thai market - open very early in the morning , certainly an interesting place to visit

Stop 8:  The Sam Phreang District - an interesting place to visit and the culture there is still being kept alive, worth wandering around - find the Antique Car Coffee Shop

Stop 9:  The Gateway to Old Siam - exactly that

Stop 10:  Chaopho Chinese Shrine (ศาลเจ้าพ่อเสือ) - a Chinese Shrine, very busy but no photographs inside

Stop 11:  Baan Dinso  an original two storey home

These are extra places that I found in the near vacinity

Stop A: Correction Prison - not able to enter this - it is permanently closed       

Stop B: Petit Peyton Traveloque Cafe - a very photogenic cafe and tasty coffee            

Stop C: Wat Ratchabophit- a very big Royal temple and very impressive as well            

Stop D:  ภูเขาทองการช่าง - somewhere to have lunch, at the bottom of the Golden Mountain   

Stop E: Romsai Coffee - then somewhere for a coffee, at the bottom of the Golden Mountain. 

Stop F: Pig Memorial - not what I expected to see on the walk, Bangkok is certainly a wonderful and fascinating place           

Stop G: No.14 Cafe - a small cafe where I could get a nice coffee in the morning           

Stop H: Kor Ra Kang - a nice restaurant - opposite Wat Thepthidaram Worawihan

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