Halloween at home

With the furor of Halloween at school it was a wonder that I was not too tired to throw a small party for my daughter and friends.

The front was decorated with the candles which dripped blood and the glowing Halloween pumpkin...

The popcorn was quick distributed and even more rapidly consumed... Then came the pizza pieces - all much appreciated.  

Note: all the ice-cubes had ice cubes with sliders in them...

So who were we going to wrap up as a mummy?

That's right - none of the children wanted to do this so I volunteered and the children loved the task.

After this it was time to go for a walk...

We hope that you enjoyed your Halloween as half as much as us and everything goes back into the box for the next time...

Petit Peyton Traveloque Cafe

A great cup of coffee - please read the full review here.


Thai for traveling

This is certainly a good start...

Driving in Thailand - proposed measures

That is a very big change - do you think that this will happen?
I will not drive in Bangkok.


Harmonique was a wonderful find on a walking trip though Bangkok - John Bush and more.  

What an amazing place to find! Walking along the back streets and then a sign and an old building 

- time for a coffee then (next time food). 

It clearly has a lot of history to the restaurant and unfortunately I can find nothing. 

There is a tree growing in the building and the restaurant is very popular with the Chinese Tourist currently.

Definitely worth visiting to have a look at the number of historical artifacts which are scattered throughout the rooms.

Phone Number: 02 237 8175
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: No.22 Charoenkung 34 Alley
Hours: 11am - 10pm