Damnoen Sauak and Amphawa Floating Market.

This was a treat and my mother-in-law was here so we chose to visit two Floating Markets in Bangkok - reached by air or an overnight bus.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market  

Amphawa Floating Market 

Bangkok used to have a number of canals that wound it’s way around and into the very city centre. The markets began in a time when water transport played a central role in their daily lives.

The development of Bangkok as a major city has taken away much of the traffic which was dependent on the rivers but there is a move to try to preserve this old way of trade - some may say that it is kept only as a tourist attraction.

This may be true but I believe that there is simple beauty in visiting.

Damnoen Sauak Floating Market.

We visited the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market first and I do understand the criticism of it being commercial – yes it is but you do not have to buy everything. 

The really beauty comes swiftly with the homes that line your trip into the Market. It is a predominantly Buddhist dwelling and many of the homes ‘on stilts’ with a small Wat on stilts outside the property.

We were lucky to be there at a time when there sun was rising and young children were swimming and performing ‘back flips’ into the water - lovely

As you are taken slowly into the Market you are surrounded by bursts of colour, cooking smells, laughter, flowers, engines, fruits to taste and so much more.

But who is this for?

My favourite is to interact with the people who are paddling the small canoes that are laden with fruit for you to buy. Many of these people are still wearing the traditional clothing – my favourite were the wide-brimmed straw hats.

Amphawa Floating Market.

I suppose that this is not quite a Floating Market in the same way as Damnoen Sauak - there are a plethora of street stalls either side of the river - selling what seemed to be everything that you would get at a standard market.

Then you found the bridge that was able to take you over the river and it meant that there was a different view of it all - fabulous.

As you can see there was also the beauty of watching people cook whilst sitting in these boats - never saw anybody fall in or drop a plate!

Then there were people siting on the sides of the river collecting food from the cooks directly - wonderful pandemonium but it worked seamlessly - fabulous (again).

There was also technology present...

Then there was the trip down the river in the evening where we sped along and watched the fireflies - Jemma fell asleep....

There was a lot of fun and laughter and it was an entertaining day out for me and my friends – I would recommend this trip.

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