Go Teng Pole preparation - Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2016

This year I chose to go very early - to watch the preparation before it became busy - this was Bang Neow Shrine in Phuket Town.

It was beautiful and certainly something to be witnessed - these are the sedans for carrying the Chinese Effigy.

The Pole was being prepared in front of the Shrine - cleaning off the papers that were stuck there previously and paint.

Once clean the rope was prepared for them to pull it up.

Then there was some movement in the shrine

Then I saw that Lee Loh Chia was inside the shrine performing something.

Obviously something important and special.

Then it was time to light the 'old wood'.

Then to prepare the main sedan.

Then the fire was brought out.

There were a lot of sedans here.

The roads were being decorated

There was more decoration going up in around the Surin Circle.

Previous pole raising
 1) Vegetarian Festival 2012 - Warrior Propitiation and Pole Raising
 2) Vegetarian Festival 2014 - Pole Raising
 3) Vegetarian Festival 2014 - Pole Preparation
 4) Vegetarian Festival 2013 - Pole Lowering


The Phuket Vegetarian Festival - starting soon

The time is here again. An outline is here - the TAT office in Phuket Town has the full version.

Going to try different photography this year and a Facebook Live.

I love the Street Processions

Friday 30th September 

  - Lantern Pole Raising at Bang Neow Shrine 

Thursday 6th October

  - Fire Walking at Jui Tui Shrine

Friday 7th October

  - Street Procession from Jui Tui Shrine

  - Bladed Ladder walking at Sapan Hin Shrine

Saturday 8th October

  - Street Procession from Kathu Shrine

Sunday 9th October

 - Final procession to Sapan Hin

See you there...

Healthy Tom Yam Soup

Did you know that your Tom Yam soup is healthy?

Poster from Amazing Thailand.

A costal walk at Cape Panwa

We decided to go for a walk whilst the sun began to descend...

There were two people fishing...

We found some steps to climb

but we found that we could go no further. I wonder where this would lead us, possibly a hotel?

It was a lovely night...

Completed a Chinese Shrine in Phuket Town?

A Chinese Shrine nearing completion -

 the last time I was here was in 2013 and it might be completed today?

Best Traditional Roti in Phuket - Abdul's

Abdul's Roti is a great place to watch the Roti being made and then eating it afterwards.


Phuket Tasty Fest 2016

The Phuket Tasty Food Festival 2016 started on Friday - and wow what a lot of different things to eat. The text is from the TAT.

Ms. Anoma Vongyai, Director of the TAT Phuket Office said, “Phuket has always attracted people, from Hokkien Chinese tin miners, to Malay Muslims, Hindus and Christians, and they’ve brought their different recipes and cooking styles with them, meaning the island’s culinary culture is unique in Thailand. 

We want to preserve these dishes and share them with the world, while promoting the high quality of Thai ingredients and the skills of our talented chefs”.

Because so many people have settled in Phuket over the centuries, bringing their own traditions and dishes, the island’s food is distinct from the rest of Thailand and boasts flavours and dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. 

This is why last year, UNESCO declared Phuket to be one of its “Gastronomy Cities” as a way of celebrating and protecting Phuket’s unique dishes. There are only 18 “Gastronomy Cities” across the world and Phuket is the first place in ASEAN to receive this accolade.

As well as local Phuket dishes, the Phuket Tasty Fest 2016, will give visitors the chance to taste a wide range of Thai food and drinks from all regions of the kingdom. There will be cooking demonstrations from well-known chefs and a celebrity cooking competition in a “Tasty All Star” event. 

There will also be snacks and food stalls selling treats, as well as entertainment and concerts from famous singers taking place for all three days of the festival.

Here are some photographs of some of what there was.

But these were the best

and there were so many different servings of French fries covered in something... BUT where can I get them after the weekend?

  Of course there was the now obligatory 'Facebook Live' - always fun.