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My itinerary was blocked because all of the rain this morning - and it kept raining!

This means that I invested time in digging the drain outside again, making pizza bases for later and then deciding that I was glad that I did not waste my money by buying a real DVD.

As the rain stopped it was lunch time - a Noodle Shop for me! But my first stop was at The Metropole Hotel where they have a large Chinese clientele then pop into the TAT office for the bicycle ride on Sunday and then to buy a Mooncake from the stall outside!

After this I went to the Hokkien Noodle Soup Shop next to Mee Ton Poe - for - Hokkien Noodle Soup - very good and I did like the Iced Tea - see the review here later.

Time for a coffee at 168 Cups - good coffee and Free WiFi.

After this it was time to go into Robinsons - I was told that they sell very good Mooncakes. 

Then I popped into Keng-Tin for their mooncake.

After this it was time to walk to the Chinese Shrine where they were reeling a film during the Por Tor Festival last week!

On the road I came across something that I had never seen before - Ko Hor's Mooncake shop - I was welcomed in to watch one man make them all - fascinating and very special!. (this will have a single post).

Then I came to the Shrine - and it was being rebuilt! - Good Luck!

Then I went to the Por Tor Kong Shrine and then to Bang Neow Shrine to make a blessing.

As I left the Bang Neow Shrine to return to the main road through the back entrance I noticed that there was a new coffee shop opposite the side of Robinson's - well a Cheesecake Shop - Cheesecake by K.Reed!

The coffee and cheesecake were delicious!

Then off to Swensens to wait for Jemma - where I had an ice-cream Mooncake!

We left swiftly and returned home to make Pizzas and watch Scooby Doo - which was;
"Creepy not Scary"

Another wonderful day off - join foursquare to follow my investigations as they happen!

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