'Pae-Leng' and Lee Loh Chia who is he?

at Katu Shrine at the beginning of the Vegetarian Festival
There is always one man that I have witnessed at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival and this is him.

Ever since I can remember (10 years) this man has helped lead the people in the celebrations during this time.

When he was 19 he had a death defying incident and it wasn't for 10 years that he understood that he was blessed - read the full story in The Phuket Bulletin - September 2013. 

Lim Hu Thai Su Chinese Shrine
He then found out that he was being used by the Chinese God 
- Lee Loh Chia as a medium.

Jui Tui Chinese Shrine
Lee Loh Chia is a General who served the Jade Emperor and can be recognised by the gold hoop that he always carries and the sharp ornate spear. 

Bang Neow Chinese Shrine
Yellow flags scatter the ground that he walks on!

Sam Kong Chinese Shrine
Thank you to The Phuket Bulletin for this information - now if I can only give names to the rest of the Gods?

Bang Neow Chinese Shrine on the 1st day of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival 
Ideas anyone?

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