Phuket Happenings - September 2013

Dinner at Laem Panwa
This month was the month of the Full Moon Festival - NOT the party but the Mooncakes!
Bubble Tea and school uniforms and trying to use Instagram daily (not doing that well).

Schools Out! So we have taken a trip to Australia - follow us here.

Thai airways jet skids off runway in Bangkok 
I hope they do not blame the weather, the runway....

Then the tail is painted over
is this standard procedure?

This is painting over - photo Telegraph - thanks Dawn

and Central Festival were not aware OR threatened?
 - I am walking!

“These are the rules of our group that we all follow: taxis have to run on queue and cannot refuse customers."

  Ban the Jet-Ski but this would be too difficult...
because? - a comment made on the article -
"They banned smoking on airplanes. That effected millions of people ......
...... But they cannot ban 200 plus jet skis. What a sob story"

Phuket's people must be given back it's beaches 
"The VG's frustrations were boiling over as local officials continued to obfuscate,
 dodge and weave around attempts to goad them into action."
 a comment made from the article
Good Luck!

Patong Tuk Tuk drivers complain about illegal Taxi Drivers
someone hasn't received enough?
 Taxi fares are set to rise in Phuket in an attempt to thwart the illegal-taxi trade and to provide legitimate taxi drivers with a decent standard of living....
is this a joke?
Concessions are then not given to the operators at Phuket Airport
things are changing...
Concessions are given 
I was wrong
Alleged extortionist is re-elected to head the new Taxi Team
Good Luck!

Illegal workers on boats are a focus for arrest 
- but they were building one in their garden as a hobby?
- so what is illegal - if money is given?
- volunteer work?

Jet Ski operator arrested in Patong - drugs and illegal jet-ski 

Patong has the blueprints for a lit sign for 7.3 million Baht 
do that many people get drunk and don't know where they are?

Phuket Walking Street begins - taking it's nod from Chang Mai
Good Luck

The Phuket Airport Express does not seem to be working
- schedule cut
- lights not there....
but I am cynical...

Klong Koh Pee (nr Sapan Hin) cleared for major construction 
but it is protected mangrove forest - whoops!
Sirinart Marine National Park encroachment
Trisara Resort
Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach

China and Russian tourists to drive the market for Tourism
- get learning quickly...

BUT the Tourists need Medical Insurance!
Phuket pays that much in medical bills!

Sun, Sex and Suspicious parentsParents spy on their children on holiday 
- this is BBC television, disturbing?

Raw sewage on Patong Beach 
- disturbing visions of Pattaya flashing past my eyes....

The Tiger Disco Trial is postponed...
for how long?
reminds me of that other trial that is postponed 

Okay - Ladies dress dirty get 50% off @ Indigo Pearl
- but not men - is this sexist?

Pitbull didn't meant to kill him 
what did he mean to do (sic) - give him a shave?
Johan Ljung denies intent

Central Taxi Mafia
Central did not get involved because 'they had guns'. 
- a good answer!

Spiralling corruption sparks Patong anger
- i thought this was how they did business in Patong?

Jet-Ski Operator checks - drugs and no licence
Good luck

image from Thai Visa 
Greek man tells us that his Thai girlfriend swindles him out of his 2 million baht.
What nationality was the man who stole money from the Temple?
Who is coming here from Europe?

images from ThaiVisa 
School Uniforms are described as...

“Did you have to wear uniform during mid-term?”
“Is sex better in uniform?”
“Uniform is challenging.”
“Unleash your identity.”

translations  by -

and last comment

Rhianna and the Slo Loris on Bangla Road 
Luck with arresting everybody

but I prefer these Instagram ones.

There seems to be an increase in Road accidents again...

View Accident black spots. in a larger map

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