Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2013 - Friday 11th - Procession

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a Festival that I have written about previously so I have chosen not to repeat but simply to comment on my experiences and put links in for previous visits.

Our Holiday in Australia meant that I did not go to every event as I did previously! After speaking to Jamie I was not too upset as I heard that there was rain during the beginning of the Festival.

But this did not mean that I did not join the Procession through Phuket Town.

Starting at Jui Tui Chinese Shrine in Phuket Town at 6am I watched some of the piercing - i did fell that there was an increase in the number of women which were taking part in this part of the Festival this year.

The beginning was rather sedate as the possessed and the pierced made their way through the very large audience - all wearing the white clothing.

The sedate walk was soon 'disturbed' when the Shrines left with enormous explosions.

The parade wound itself around Phuket Town and the crowds got bigger - reaching a peak at the ClockTower circle - there was even an enormous crane which took photographs of the parade as they walked past.

The Shrines were noisy and the atmosphere was possessive - fabulous.

Fire Walking 2012 
Propitation of Seven Stars 2012 
Lantern Pole Raising 2012  

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