Lost keys and the beauty of Thailand

What started off as a dreadful day with a power cut in the early morning could only get worse - unless you count the Candy Crush Level I completed in the bus on the way to work?

My keys!

That's right - they were missing and no matter of explanation to Chuen I really thought that I had left them in the car!

BUT as with the Culture of living in Thailand it was worth stopping and having a little think. Now where was I last night - Laem Panwa with a beer and then waiting by the side of the road?

Were they there? - No... Oh dear...

I decided that I had nothing to lose but to go to the side of the road in front of The Chalet Cuisine. Oh dear - my heart sank when I had seen that it had been freshly cut...

BUT there in the sun put carefully on the curb were my keys - quite clearly picked up and put there.

So thank you to whoever picked them up and placed them there.

Thank you to the Thai people.