Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2013 - Sunday 14th - Final Parade

The Final Night of the Vegetarian Festival involves the possessed and the Portable Shrines  running through the streets of Phuket Town to Sapan Hin where there are there are people waiting for the Gods to be 'dispatched' into the Sea.

So what does this involve? - pandemonium and more chaos!

People all dressed in white (still) line the streets and throw lit fireworks, firecrackers and bangers at those who are brave enough (or protected) to walk in the middle of the roads.  

I started at Jui Tui Shrine where they were preparing themselves and then walked to the Clock Tower Roundabout. It was here that the chaos began.

Ever since I have been attending this event there have been a group outside The Metropole Hotel with what seems to be like an unlimited supply of fireworks and unlimited enthusiasm and of course unlimited protection.

The Shrines arrived and the noise escalated and it was at this choice that I made a decision to do what I had done last year - I was going to run with the shrines - well to get the best video of course - and it was an incredible buzz.

We went passed Bang Neow where the Parade seemed to take a break (me too) but the Shrines were quickly started again - it was as we approached Sapan Hin that I recalled the accident that I had last year...

Then level of the noise escalated further as we approached the roundabout and I quickly found myself winded and on the floor - I was picked up by some people and air was fanned over me - thank you.

I swiftly joined the parade and we entered into Sapan Hin park. Here there were a lot of people sitting in what looked like 'families' with lit candles in front of them - beautiful.

Did find that the iPhone shut down because of the heat - 

took some video on the phone though (above)

It was at this time that the Head Mah Song and others walked into the water to three small boats (never quite understood this bit) and at this time there was an enormous pile of Chinese paper lit - rockets were lit and more crackers lit.

The Sapan Hin Chinese Shrine was crowded with people so I chose to walk home - and found myself walking straight into some more of the parade which had not reached Sapan Hin yet!

I had had enough - I bought a fresh orange juice, said my thanks to the Chinese Gods for keeping me safe and began to walk home - tired, exhilarated and happy.

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