Phuket and Halloween

What a busy few days - the pumpkin cutting came first and I do wonder whether the writers of all of these pumpkin cutting books or Apps realise that not all pumpkins are perfectly circular!

That did not bother Jemma and I  as we prepared two and found two shiny laces so that they could be carried.

A wooden broom was found and a discarded cuddly toy cat was sprayed black.

This was followed by making fondant icing and making tiny cupcakes and then making 'ghost' cupcakes - a lot of fun.

The morning was busy with forgetting to get up with the alarm!!!!

Jemma left to go to school with her bits and I went to work with mine!

My guests were fun at Cape Panwa Hotel and some chose to be face painted.

I received some little toys from another

and Rochidee is making a sweet pumpkin pie...

Tonight Jemma wants to go to The Beach Bar dressed as a witch - watch this space.

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