Birds Nests

Sorry but I do not believe in giving gifts to tourists which are the result of destroying an animals habitat - sorry I just don't like it.

Bird’s nest – blood, sweat and toil – a delicacy?

Imagine my shock this morning – as I sat sipping my coffee at Phuket Airport I watched a guide distribute gifts to his clientele.

Okay I may be bias towards big noisy groups of Tourists but it is an Industry and does need to make money. BUT the gifts are what attracted me attention – they were giving Bird’s Nests to everyone!

Now it is the belief of a number of Cultures in Asia that the bird’s nest will improve health, heighten longevity and libido! This is disregarding the scientific evidence that the nest has a nutritional value to that of an egg.

BUT a kilo of nests can fetch prices of 50,000 – 100,000 Baht!

If you choose eat a nest slavishly made by a bird for it’s young I do not understand AND then to pay more because it is stained red (because of an excessive discharge of blood in the saliva).

I am happy that Kasemkij Hotels do not serve this at any of their properties.

Today it is Bird's Nest and the more I read about the Fins it will be Fins next week.

Sorry NO.

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