Wat Traimitr Withayaram


Wat Traimitr Withayaram is a place that I popped into when I tried the first Bangkok Walk in China Town.

It was somewhere that I walked past and it was soooo busy - there were coaches on the outside and the queues were very long. 

Note they were also charging for you to enter - but I was busy today, maybe another day?

Wat Bampen

 Wat Bampen Chine Prote is somewhere that I found when I was on the Yaowarat Road Walk

But as I was on the walk I did not take a long time - but I am going again because of this website - http://trawellthailand.com/th/bampen-chine-prote-temple/ - there was so much more to see.

It was certainly a beautiful place to visit. I always get a shock when seeing these symbols inside the Wat and confusing it with the Swastika.

Wat Bampen is a small temple in the heart of ChinaTown - but you may walk past the small entrance.


Coffee Color

A beautiful and colourful find on one of my many walks through Bangkok - not sure which one it was though.

It was a very good coffee and the foam the top was very good - I was impressed. Next time I might try a cake though?

Wonder what links they have to this place in Pattaya?

Phone Number: 085 072 5526
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 425/1-2 Ratchaprarop Rd, Khwaeng Makkasan 

Hours: 7:00am - 7:30pm

Black Canyon

Black Canyon is somewhere that I usually visit for a coffee but today I was there for food.

Happily I can say that we enjoyed the Thai food

and the Western food. We will try this again...

Phone Number: 02 111 3130
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: The Paseo Town
Hours: 10:00am - 9pm 

Sharing your information

With the outcry about Facebook sharing Data there is a lot more of it going on.

Does it worry you?

Now I am a school teacher

Recently got a photograph of me being a school teacher - these are some the parents of my class.

Happy New Year.

A trip to Cambodia - Day Two

It was an early start for us today - we needed to visit Angkor Wat (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) for the sunrise - so it was a very early start.

AND it was a little chaotic in the morning - there were a lot of people. 

Then the sun-rising was not directly over Angkor Wat but on the left hand side. Remembering my Geography lessons from school it is quite clear that the sun does not always rise in the same position, I should look for an App to tell me that and if we went again we would check where it would be. It was still lovely but to visit.

After that we needed breakfast - we found croissants and coffee somewhere.

Then it was time to visit Baksei Chamkrong.  Baksei Chamkrong is a small Hindu temple at in front of the South Gate to Angkor Wat - and it was blissfully deserted - after a couple had come down from climbing to the top and struggled to get down. Some similarities with another property in Guatemala.

Then we crossed the South Gate Bridge

there was also wonderful bridge across the river leading to the gate- with stone heads on either side - really beautiful.

Then on returning there was a wedding couple in the water having their photographs taken - lovely.

Then it was back onto the Motodop.

Then it was the main part of Angokr Thom, somewhere known for all of the heads in the stone work - fascinating. And a lot more photographs.

Patience was needed here because there were a lot of people and a lot of building work happening today!

Then it was time to move to Phimeanakas - a pyramid construction. 

Another special place.

With stunning buildings.

Then adjacent to this is the Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King - fabulous.

Over the road from this were the Suor Prat Towers - fantastic - a set of 12 towers around on the East - but I could find nothing regarding their purpose. 

I do need to read this book 'Ancient Angkor' that I purchased for $5 from a local.

Then it was time for a swim at West Mebon Dam - this is where we met a local fisherman with his net and family. Unfortunately I now read that there is somewhere in the middle of the lake there is a construction.

Then it was time for some sushi - at the Safari Sushi Bar - very nice. We would visit Cambodia again.