Maps - Chinese Shrines in Phuket

The Chinese Shrines in Phuket are a wonderful reason to take a local bus into 
Phuket Old Town and simply wander about.

More maps are on Google and here.

Bicycle Ride, Local Bus, Tamachad, Coffee and Muay Thai Boxing

The morning was the beginning of Jemma and her new bicycle. So we went on a ride into Borae, the local village.  

We had a wonderful ride through the local village and to Borae.

I wondered what it was like in the drains that they were making - they go inside!!?
 We had tried to fly the drone here previously.

You were able to see Big Buddha in the distance...

Then we set off past Klong Mu Dong - it was lovely. The fishermen were preparing their boats.... 

We set off again along the main road, passed where Jemma's bicycle shop was and back onto the main road to Cape Panwa.

We stopped at ร้านอาหารเช้าอิสลาม for breakfast - which was lovely.

I did wonder why they were selling fuel from a restaurant but then realised that it was honey - I wonder if any mistakes have been made?

Then it was time to get the Local Pink Bus - which is always fun because I am never sure whether I have got the right one.

The bus took us in to Phuket Town - which was clearing up after the recent Phuket Vegetarian Festival. But there was still evidence of the Festival - here is a drawing of a Chinese God.

Walking through Phuket Town we passed the Drawing Room
which had new paintings in it?

We walked to Tamachad / Natural - a popular Thai restaurant which is an interesting place to visit - it is near to Jui Tui Shrine.

After much is was a walk to Coffee Circle - where you can find the best Cappuccino in Phuket.

On returning home we had a visitor, all be it for very long!

It was then time to have a short Muay Thai lesson...

As a tired person we were then made aware that we had a visitor (a Tokay) recently and it was not a good idea to let him stay in the house...

Great Coffee App - App for your holiday

What sort of coffees do you serve?


◆ Now with preparation video for each drink!

This is a short brochure on the 16 most popular espresso-based drinks developed by a professional barista with 10 years experience. Demonstration of drinks in cross-section, interesting facts about coffee, specially created music and impressive graphic design – all this will help expand your horizons and teach you about the ‘coffee world.’ By covering the stages from beginner to expert, you will open up a whole new world of drinks, and may be one of them will be your favourite!

Human creativity is limitless – it colours and qualifies every aspect of our life. Even in such a relatively conservative industry as cookery numerous innovations constantly pop up: these include non-stick frying pans, food processors, electric hobs and gadgets for molecular gastronomy.

One of these innovations has been an espresso-machine. Its specifications have changed many times since it was first created, but its essence remains the same – it is still used to extract the taste and aroma from the coffee beans under high pressure and temperature. There is something very retro-futurist about the espresso-machine and the drinks it creates – it supports our belief in human mind and creativity and gives hope for the future.

Coffee drinks in this app:
◆ Espresso ◆ Espresso Ristretto ◆ Espresso Lungo ◆ Espresso Macchiato ◆ Espresso Con Panna                        ◆ Espresso Romano ◆ Espresso Doppio ◆ Latte ◆ Americano◆ Cappuccino ◆ Marocchino ◆ Latte Macchiato      ◆ Caffe Mocha◆ Irish coffee◆ Cafeccino◆ Vienna coffee

This was a pleasure to have a go with - purely because it gave me a good picture of what the coffee should look like - this was usually enough for me to get the coffee that I felt that I wanted to drink.

But I did show one Cafe the video and there was giggles from the staff as it was clear what type of coffee that I wanted to have made.

There is a button to press to indicate at where you are because they are making a map of locations are - this is something that I would find most interesting BUT foursquare is a good App for doing this already and I have personally started a map on Google which is linked to my blog for coffee in Phuket.

Cost: $1.49
Ease of use: simple - but there is more to find
Comment: but it does not make the coffee any better?

Alms giving walk with the monks

A walk with the monks in the morning was something special for me and I really think that I should do it more often.

So what is 'Walking with the Monks'? Searching the Internet there was a lot of information about this.

The alms giving is an absolute dedication to the life of the monk. It is a sense of humility that was the most inspiring thing that got me - writing this reminds me of this now.

The monks walk in a straight line and the head monk (because of age) is always at the front.

The road had a number of people waiting for them and it was beautiful. People were scattered.

"The monks are not begging for food, the monk shows humility and detachment from worldly goods. The monks are not sitting on the streets idly begging with open bowls, alms are given in the early morning and the monks walk slowly and people that want to give them food indicate this to a monk."
(text from Farang in Bangkok)
The road had a number of people waiting for them and it was beautiful. People were scattered.

There was a journey from our home into the local village. I walked at the very rear with two young boys with their 'paint buckets' which they put all of the gifts that the monks were given.

There was clearly a way that this was all done - the relationship between them both was clearly special and I felt honoured to be part of it.

There was what I believe to be a family all together

Yes it was the simple humility of being part of it - thank you to the monks who so graciously took me.


Where can you get Christmas Day lunch in Phuket?

Here's one for The Mangosteen in Phuket.

Here's one for the Ship Inn (Phuket) - great place for a beer.

Then there is Pinky's - book here.

Sea Breeze - Cape Yamu.


Could you do this?


If I was organised well enough I could... but...

#OneDayOffline from Passion Passport on Vimeo.

Some companies it is normal...

Cathay Pacific promoted it - have a look...

Or I could forget to charge it?

Could you do it?

Bicycle Ride, Cafe Kantary, Mee Ton Poe 3 and Weekend Market

We set off on our bicycles for a ride to get some breakfast.

Despite the ups and downs we were able to reach Cafe Kantary... It was here that we found our breakfast - a toasted cheese sandwich...

Then it was time for a Halloween chocolate...

Back on the bicycles - and other people were preparing their boats for an early morning.

Home and then out again - a quick haircut.

Then off we went again - wondering where all these flowers were going...

By now it was time for lunch - we stopped at Mee Ton Poe 3.

Popped home and then we were off again to the Weekend Market.

Wow - we found so much

but I was a little confused as to the carrying of a dog and we will certainly return...

Sacred Stone Balls at a Buddhist Wat

This was a sign on the side of the road whilst we were taking our daughter to school. My first question was "wow that is a big golden ball for the new Buddhist temple". This was met with laughter from my wife which only increased when I wanted to go to see it - it is in Nakon Si Thammarat!

The first time I saw these balls was on Macha Bucha Day at Wat Vichit Sangkaram on the outskirts of Phuket Town and then I recall seeing them at Wat Khao Rang (Wat Thepkajonjit). To the left of the Wat and I never knew what they were.

Then I found out what the balls were - information is all from another blogger - thanks Mike Rose.

These sacred stone balls, usually nine, are called ลูกนิมิต in the Thai language and are placed at the four corners and other cardinal points of the พระอุโบสถ. With one stone(often slightly larger)  situated under the main Buddha image inside the ordination hall.

The actual process of burying the sacred stone balls is open to the public and may take place during a temple fair or other festivities at the Wat. People are invited to to gild the stones by buying the small pieces of gold leaf used by Thai Buddhists in their devotions  and rubbing the gold onto the exposed stones.

The monks from the temple may also bury sacred objects in the recess that houses the ลูกนิมิต. When the stones have been buried markers are then built over the location of the stones.

These markers, ใบเสมา, are only built over the externally placed stones since as already mentioned one stone is inside the building under the principle Buddha statue. The external ใบเสมา and their hidden ลูกนิมิต mark the boundary of the sacred ground that is the home for the ordination hall.

Thanks Mike -  I now know what they are.

The พระอุโบสถ is only used for religious ceremonies, principally the ordination of new Buddhist monks. It is normally not available to the general public to use but many พระอุโบสถ are open for viewing the religious artefacts they contain when not being used by the monks for their devotions.

Thanks again to Mike Rose for the information.