Bicycle Ride, Local Bus, Tamachad, Coffee and Muay Thai Boxing

The morning was the beginning of Jemma and her new bicycle. So we went on a ride into Borae, the local village.  

We had a wonderful ride through the local village and to Borae.

I wondered what it was like in the drains that they were making - they go inside!!?
 We had tried to fly the drone here previously.

You were able to see Big Buddha in the distance...

Then we set off past Klong Mu Dong - it was lovely. The fishermen were preparing their boats.... 

We set off again along the main road, passed where Jemma's bicycle shop was and back onto the main road to Cape Panwa.

We stopped at ร้านอาหารเช้าอิสลาม for breakfast - which was lovely.

I did wonder why they were selling fuel from a restaurant but then realised that it was honey - I wonder if any mistakes have been made?

Then it was time to get the Local Pink Bus - which is always fun because I am never sure whether I have got the right one.

The bus took us in to Phuket Town - which was clearing up after the recent Phuket Vegetarian Festival. But there was still evidence of the Festival - here is a drawing of a Chinese God.

Walking through Phuket Town we passed the Drawing Room
which had new paintings in it?

We walked to Tamachad / Natural - a popular Thai restaurant which is an interesting place to visit - it is near to Jui Tui Shrine.

After much is was a walk to Coffee Circle - where you can find the best Cappuccino in Phuket.

On returning home we had a visitor, all be it for very long!

It was then time to have a short Muay Thai lesson...

As a tired person we were then made aware that we had a visitor (a Tokay) recently and it was not a good idea to let him stay in the house...