Great Coffee App - App for your holiday

What sort of coffees do you serve?


◆ Now with preparation video for each drink!

This is a short brochure on the 16 most popular espresso-based drinks developed by a professional barista with 10 years experience. Demonstration of drinks in cross-section, interesting facts about coffee, specially created music and impressive graphic design – all this will help expand your horizons and teach you about the ‘coffee world.’ By covering the stages from beginner to expert, you will open up a whole new world of drinks, and may be one of them will be your favourite!

Human creativity is limitless – it colours and qualifies every aspect of our life. Even in such a relatively conservative industry as cookery numerous innovations constantly pop up: these include non-stick frying pans, food processors, electric hobs and gadgets for molecular gastronomy.

One of these innovations has been an espresso-machine. Its specifications have changed many times since it was first created, but its essence remains the same – it is still used to extract the taste and aroma from the coffee beans under high pressure and temperature. There is something very retro-futurist about the espresso-machine and the drinks it creates – it supports our belief in human mind and creativity and gives hope for the future.

Coffee drinks in this app:
◆ Espresso ◆ Espresso Ristretto ◆ Espresso Lungo ◆ Espresso Macchiato ◆ Espresso Con Panna                        ◆ Espresso Romano ◆ Espresso Doppio ◆ Latte ◆ Americano◆ Cappuccino ◆ Marocchino ◆ Latte Macchiato      ◆ Caffe Mocha◆ Irish coffee◆ Cafeccino◆ Vienna coffee

This was a pleasure to have a go with - purely because it gave me a good picture of what the coffee should look like - this was usually enough for me to get the coffee that I felt that I wanted to drink.

But I did show one Cafe the video and there was giggles from the staff as it was clear what type of coffee that I wanted to have made.

There is a button to press to indicate at where you are because they are making a map of locations are - this is something that I would find most interesting BUT foursquare is a good App for doing this already and I have personally started a map on Google which is linked to my blog for coffee in Phuket.

Cost: $1.49
Ease of use: simple - but there is more to find
Comment: but it does not make the coffee any better?