Phuket Local Food Festival 2016

Phuket Local Food Festival took place at Sapan Hin this year. It was essentially a big car park sent up with stalls around the edge and then more rows of stalls in the middle.

My favourite - Sakoo Sai Mai
So what food was there?
Well I really did not know what it was all called but here is a selection.

a selection of rice dishes with halal curried chicken
Pad Thai
stewed animal parts and 1,000 year old eggs?
sticky rice in bamboo
deep fried prawns
a selection of stewed vegetables and animal parts?

do you want a massage?
shooting game
a bouncy castle
lots of chairs and tables
Jemma gets her light sabre...
So much happens here throughout the year.

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BIGTHANKS - not really...

Guess they are not that good when you read the fine print...

this does not apply to third-party sellers.

So I didn't order the box set - my rant of the day...

Happy Cow - App for your holiday

My diet means Happy Cows...
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If you have this sort of request for your food - Vegan, Vegetarian and Vegetarian Friendly. This is a wonderful App for this.
Then you can search for the ones which are closest to where you are - fabulous - then it indicates that the restaurant is closed!

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More things you should not do in Phuket...

Kiss a snake...

Then the place was closed down because it did not have a licence for the snake?

I first started this because I was annoyed at people trying to sell me a condo. Then I tried a #rantoftheday on Twitter and things not to do on my blog of things to do in Phuket.


I hope you have read about my blog post and the man with a pet python?

Then the python left him...

But looking at this video I guess you shouldn't play or kiss a snake...

I guess you should think twice...

Street Foods - Fried Banana

Deep fried banana is a must that you must eat when you visit Thailand. Okay it might not not be the healthiest dish but it does taste great! There has been little variation in the times that I have had it - although it does taste good with ice-cream or a heavy serving of creamed sugar.

All of the times that I have seen it made the slices of banana are first dipped into a batter, sometimes containing desiccated coconut.

Then the bananas are put into a bowl of bubbling oils.

The cooking bananas are continually turned and moved about - to ensure they do not stick. Sometimes the cooking bananas are then removed and then sesame seeds are scattered over them, dipped back in the oil and then set aside. So where to get them in Phuket? The best places are the Traditional Market areas...

Your Noodle Guide

How can you choose the noodles?
Here is a great guide for the type of noodles.

Here are some places for Traditional noodles in Phuket (there are more).

3 otters, no snake and a house on the water

We went on several bicycle rides in Ao Yon recently and we like to visit the man with the Otters as we had done previously.

There is no snake any longer - it went out and did not return. We were welcomed by the owner of the house as family and whilst we were there there were a number of other visitors as well as a cat.

We hope that by sharing this it will keep him and his unique life safe.

He might be getting connected to WiFi but I doubt it.

He has not offered us a traditional puppet show yet...

There does seem to be a some small development of the pier - which is supposedly private? This would be wrong?

Fish delivery at Deep Sea Port

There seemed to be something happening at the Deep Sea Port... There was a rumour that HSS Higgins was in port again so we decided to have a look.

The first thing that we saw was the ship with a helicopter on the bridge - pretty cool...

Well it was not a warship and it was not American.

Then there was smoke - well not actually smoke - ice clouds - they were transferring frozen tuna from the boats into large carriers.

Every so often the fish fell out of the nets and landed with an enormous bang on the concrete.

Quite a few in fact and every so often a couple of the frozen tuna did not make it back up...

As for the HSS Higgins I will look again...

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