Sapan Hin Local Food Fair

At the Local Food Fair in Sapan Hin there was a plethora of different foods that you can have a taste of and all of them are produced locally.  There is a scheme introduced by the government that is called the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) scheme and I believe that this has been organised with this in mind.

Whilst I was here I could try a large variety of lovely dishes. I settled down to watch the entertainment – and entertaining it was.  There were a number of different groups of people ready – the small children dressed with little antennae, the girls dressed in traditional Thai costume and the men elaborately made up in Thai costume.

Jemma loved it and played old traditional Thai 'playground' games with the children
- I wandered around and bumped into these strange men.

Then the entertainment changed – the singers were ‘ladyboys’ and they were miming to Western music, quite risqué actually…  They left with cheers and clapped and dancers returned dancing to danced to Thai pop music.

THEN a clearly enhanced ladyboy arrived amid cheers and whistles to entertain us evens more….  Not just a Local Food Fair AND it was taking place for another two days!