Wat Chalong Temple Fair 2012

Wat Chalong is very different for the Wat Chalong Fair.

Wat Chalong is a beautiful example of a Thai Wat.  Visiting it whilst you are visiting Phuket is a must and don’t forget to visit Big Buddah which is close.

For three days each year (for the last 50+ years?) the front of Wat Chalong is festooned with a plethora of different market stalls selling almost everything. At the front there are great number of different foods for sale - mostly Thai snacks.  Then there are people selling fresh fruit and vegetables in season when I visited there were a number of people selling tamarind pods of varying sizes – not my choice – beware.

Then there were the more common market stall holders - children's apparel, DVD, religious items and much more. BUT do you need that Ninja blade? Have a look.

Then there are the more common Buddhist amulets that are for sale here - I even saw monks sorting the amulets and examining them very carefully - for more amulets visit Amulet Alley in Phuket Town. I do not know how these two vastly different items are sold in the same vicinity I do not know - but this is Thailand.

There are also fortune tellers that you can sit with who can tell you your future – but only if you can speak Thai. This is something I really should investigate more...

Whilst you are here please take the time to visit the Chalong Temple as well BUT please remember to take you shoes off before you enter.