Mosquitoes and snails?

Looking for something to stop the mosquitoes?

 - look at this AND it stops the snails!

Guess that this is not to be used on your body then :-(

and the boxes in front were condoms?

Roundabout in Chalong

This is what happens if there is an accident in Phuket.

Everything stops...

The Police and / or Insurance arrive and they survey the situation.

Details are taken and the traffic moves again (sometimes).

Even if the accident is around a roundabout!

Thai work permit for Russian pole dancers in Soi Bangla

photo from Asia Web Direct - permission requested
The work permit for some Russian dancers on Soi Bangla (allegedly) is an 'actress'.

Does this mean that Thai women can't dance on a pole in a glass box?

Swiftlet aviaries OR bird spit homes in Phuket

Bird's Nest soups

The culture of raising the swiftlet to produce nests which can then be sold to 'believers' is something which I do not understand but for some 'believers' the bird spit has miraculous properties.

I now understand that on your trip to Phang Nga you are able to visit the caves and watch the
nests being harvested

I now understand that some
people in Phuket are building small 'out houses'
to encourage the swiftlets to build the nests...


1) the birds in these numbers carry up to 11 diseases
2) rearing swiftlets in Phuket is illegal - fine?
3) harming tourism - how?

Do you know who eats this stuff?

Songkran – the sobering truth

thanks Helen

We had a wonderful visit to the Wat Thepnmit in the morning.  I took some guests from the hotel to see what Songkran was really about.

Following this we took a hazardous drive to Sapan Hin and we were ambushed on corners with people waiting with coloured water and it was wonderful chaos.

but we got ambushed by Russell...


View Road Deaths During Songkran 2012 in a larger map


Phuket Old Town pictures

Solar Power in Phuket?

I have read about the wrong leaves on the train tracks in the UK.

I have read about the wind turbines which failed 
because the wind was too strong in the UK.


why is there so little solar power in Thailand?
(above is a solar powered zebra crossing)

A Patong Tunnel road AND a Patong Hill road?

BUT will a tunnel to Patong reduce the accidents?
 - will there be twice as many places to have an accident?

Now the underpass scheme is on the way?

Parking fees for cars at Chalong Pier

photograph used with permission - timinphuket
The guidelines for parking in Phuket are not the most clear so my advice is not to drive a car BUT Chuen (my lovely wife) does so I have begun to notice how, where and when money is collected for parking!

I read in the Phuket Gazette a reply to parking in Phuket Town:

1: There are currently 20 places where fees can be are collected (Ed - where?)

2: Car Parking is 5 baht for the first hour and 15 Baht each hour thereafter

3: Motorbike parking is 2 baht for the first hour and and 3 baht each hour thereafter.

A ticket will always be issued...

Phuket News March 2012

we visited Korea in March

Norwegian man confess to killing his girlfriend by accident.
Then chops up the pieces and hides them in his home?
because he was insanely jealous... AND?

An animal activist in Thailand is picked on by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) - animals are removed and the activist blames the 'raid' because the same department were not doing their job.
and they are doing it now?
 - animals have been removed because they do not have the correct paperwork 
what's the problem?
BUT the activist blames them for neglecting their duty previously
so they are doing it now?

 Laem Singh beach is not a place to have vendors on - so says the holder of the Chanote 
- well a fence will be built and then there will be an increase in price

A tourist dies of an electrical shock in a hotel swimming pool
and the amount of rain is initially blamed
there is exposed wires on a bridge (with metal hand rails) over the pool...

Director of Phuket Provincial Transport Office (PPTO) warned of a clamp down on illegal taxis - for metered taxis?

Patong wants to be a special administrative zone
which means bars can stay open later?

Beware of the Ladyboys - NOT just heels and plastic...
Pregnant teenager beaten and robbed
that's the last time I walk in Patong alone at 1 am...

Yet another crash on Patong HIll.
A crash on Big Buddha Hill.
Motorbike death near Thalang.

Hookah Bars are increasing in Phuket and are targeting the Phuket youth...
the law is not clear on this subject yet - why not?

Aerobics - Get Healthy with Tesco Lotus 

please do not stop stocking full fat ice-cream...

The 'owner' of an Elephant in Krabi - works the elephant to death...
this cannot be easy to do?

Well done - Phuket Thai children win a ukelele contest.

Speed cameras for Phuket....
I wonder how the fines will reach the driver - 
photographs and sent to the violators home?

I dare you - 
visit a market at night time

If you see a car illegally parked outside Central Festival phone the police...
(Text in the Phuket Gazette)
but there are cars parked everyday?

image from Phuket Gazette - permission requested
The Phuket Police have suave new cars - black and shiny

PM Yingluck showers gifts on the Phuket people
1) 600 million baht for Darasmuth underpass
2) 700 million baht for Tesco underpass
3) 600 million baht for Bang Khu underpass

4) 180 million baht for Klong Koh Pee elevated road
5) 200 million baht for Deep Sea Port
6) ??? million baht for Light Rail Project
7) ??? million baht for Patong Tunnel
8) ??? million baht for new airport terminal

whoops - "plans to shower gifts" - grammatical error (sorry)
The items below have been promised

4) 180 million baht for Klong Koh Pee elevated road

50 Billion baht for iPads and iPhones for Thai politicians

13 million baht of gold left in the pink cab!!!
what do you think happened?

A snatched baby found with father in Thailand 5 years later
the full story is not clear and...

Prison for parents who forced their children into prostitution
I hope the parents stay there...

All budget airlines to fly from Don Muang?
- not favouring other airlines?
- transfer time?

Taxi meter fares going up in April in Bangkok
ARE we getting meters in Phuket?
(for the little amount that we have)

Crackdown on foreigners that own land in Thailand
BUT I thought foreigner ownership was illegal?
An anti-corruption probe uncovers Phuket's dirty land deals...

Bangkok Airport scams are declared as regular