You must take a River Taxi.

Take a river taxi if you are in Bangkok - a wonderful way to view different parts of Bangkok.

Nice to see them keeping it clean.

Some of the people who live next to the river have their own boats.

Would you eat the fish they caught here?

There are mirrors to help the drivers at the crossroads...

Or take a bridge to go across the river.

Chinese shrines are fairly common.

There are also a greater number of Buddhist shrines.

More was paintings can be seen - keep it up.

And often there are monks taking the boats.

Not sure if this is a tourist spot for watching the boats...

Do you want to go shopping?

BUT you do get splashed sometimes...

Looks like a simple job though...

Here are the instructions to remember you do.

Bunny Sweet Home

Bunny Sweet Home is somewhere to visit if you want to play with a bunny rabbit!

We visited here for a special weekend for Jemma and her friends....

Well for me I had a coffee whilst I waited for the children - who are more than happy that they have been and we have been again...

thank you

and we purchased some gifts to share with others

Jemma liked the slippers.

Phone Number: 085 164 4593
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 250/36 ซอย 42 หมู่บ้านสัมมากร ถ.รามคำแหง 112  
Hours: 11am - 7pm (closed on Monday)


Lord the Clipper Barber

I do like to visit a nice barber - Lord the Clipper Barber is an interesting place to visit and linked to a coffee shop...

Banteay Kdei

Banteay Kdei was a wonderful place to visit 

- you do need to have a Temple Pass please remember. Wikipedia and SiemReap has a wonderful amount of information about visiting here.

There was a degree of renovation here and I do not know what it is currently like - but get a driver and circle the temples - here's our visit (day one / day two).

So many places to stop and pay respect.

Remember to walk around the outside.

Sanphasat Gate

I came upon Sanphasat Gate (a gate to Old Siam)when I was undertaking a Walking Route in Bangkok

This is a website with more information.

Spelling OR Licence

Teaching children again I keep reading things - I wonder whether there is only one corn flake in here?

Is this a spelling mistake or it is not the traditional Snoopy?

Hobbiton Tours

When we visited New Zealand a very special place that we visited was where they filmed the Hobbit.

I was surprised (and very pleased) with how good it was.

Wonderful idea to use different sizes.

Felt for the person doing the tour - some people could not keep off the grass...

This tree was artificial - fascinating...